Oasis plans

Since we're officially at the half-way point of the year, I figured I should catch everyone up on the state of things with Oasis.

As we haven't really moved the needle on traffic, and no plans have emerged to continue the site in some new direction with increased traffic, the site will shut down on November 30. As for why that specific date, Oasis launched on December 1, 1995, so that will put it at exactly 19 years.

As for what happens between now and then, here is what I am looking into:

Should you be on the pill?

Since this site has had HIV scares and HIV+ members in the past, I did want to bring people's attention to this drug I hadn't heard of before. Truvada is a pill you take daily which gives you some protection against getting infected with HIV.

It is still controversial, not because of its effectiveness or minimal side effects, but because it has the untrue stigma of encouraging risky behavior. But on a site with a younger readership, we've all seen by now that risky behavior happens anyway, so it would be better to be prepared for it, whether that is a broken condom or a lack of a condom not preventing the sexual activity.

It is being stigmatized in a way that no one would think to do to someone taking birth control every day.

If you are younger and sexually active, you should know there are new measures to keep you even more healthy that are likely covered by your (or your parents's) insurance.

Here is an article (with many additional links, as well as an entire linked follow-up thread) on Andrew Sullivan's site.

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The Ghost In The Crowd

Today was an interesting day for me, good and a bit weird.

School's been back for a week now and I ran into Nick, one of my friends that I haven't seen since the last day of school a few months ago. He's one of the two friends that didn't respond back to me about the text mom send outing me and Colin.

Nick and I don't have any classes together and have different lunch times so we never really cross paths, and unfortunately it's the same with Colin too. At least we get to hang out before school and at Cross Country practice.

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Good Morning, Hypocrite

(First of all, this not having the journals on the sidebar is annoying me more and more. Now I have to go to a whole other page to see what the new journals, the life of the party, are.)

Well another day, another wasted 24 hours spent anguishing over where my life is going.

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Should Trust be Placed in this "Authority?"

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Gay Georgia Teen Attacked by Family!

You probably have all seen the original video of 19-year-old Daniel Pierce being rejected and ejected from his home by his family.

Very troubling! Here is his story in a live interview with local TV:


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Just Things

It's already been a year since the time of long lasting genuine happyness and prosperity I enjoyed. I still hold onto my relationships and family even through the storms, we're all stronger for that in the end even if we don't see it at first. Things are continuing to change, I don't know how many times I mention change but it's something I need to live with.

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Has Anyone Seen This Yet?

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