How do you measure 19 years?

I feel compelled to write some reflections on the occasion of Oasis shutting down after 19 years, but it’s hard to find the right words.

I’m 46 now, and 27 when I started this site in 1995, so it seems like there should be some profound summation or insightful conclusion, especially when you consider that this site launched the same year as Amazon, and three years before Google.

But that’s probably why the right sentiment eludes me. The world has changed so much since then, and so much for the better, that Oasis no longer having a major role to play is cause for celebration. Not sadness.

Oasis countdown...

As of today:

Countdown Clocks

At that point, the site will become static.

What this mean is that on December 1 (or thereabouts), you will no longer be able to log in to Oasis. At some point after December 1, the site will come back online as a static record, but probably not completely intact.

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Jumping on the one final journal bandwagon

Just one final journal entry before this site shuts down I suppose. My life has undergone some pretty big changes in direction since I was last on here. I'm transferring schools next fall, because the college I'm attending doesn't have an astronomy program and is way too small for my liking. I thought a small college would be ideal for me, but I was wrong. I have very few opportunities to meet new people there, there's really no niche for me to fit into, and it's just too reminiscent of high school with its cliques and everybody knowing everybody else and shit.

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cycle surmised

i got onto this site some 4-5 odd years ago
i feel like a cycle of my own life is ending and a new one is beginning
one without guys with criminal records
or bedbugs
or problems i can't keep up with

a few days the guy who groomed me when i was sixteen
found me
he says you deserve someone to love you you're so pure
you're a fucking cherub
i said i'm not a baby anymore
you can't buy me with those kind of words
you're just an insect

me ex comes up to me and says some shit like
they started a meth lab they want me to sell
he says he called the cops,

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shitty time for this place to end

this is pretty inconvenient for me, since i've been going through bad feelings for a while, so i really don't know what i'll do without anywhere to write about things i need to write about. i don't really trust anyone else with advice, so i am quite lost.

anyway, i'm going to try making a group on facebook for us all, so add me as a friend if you want to be part of it. my name on there is bobby sunshine, so send me a request and a message regarding your intentions and your alias and i'll invite you.

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Goodbye Oasis

I've been in my 20s for a few weeks now, and that feels weird to say. I don't really feel like the same person I was at 14 when I opened my account here. Yeah, I was a pretty obnoxious kid, but sometimes I wish I could be that overly sure of myself again. November has been stressful, and it has led to some bad feelings. I've been feeling... I don't know. Purposeless and defective would be my best guess at pinning it down. But now I am home for a few days and decompressing, so that's good.

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Keep in touch?

Hello old friends, and people I maybe never got to be friends with but still would like to -

I don't want to lose you all when the site shuts down - so find me on Facebook, or by Skype, email, phone, whatever! Please!

Avity Norman
Skype: sanorman23
Phone: 805 807 8020

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So here we go again, "this one time in South Town". I think it was a week ago at this point, I was playing in the "studio" and working on new material. It was going pretty good, but nothing mind blowing. Then... "JUST LEAVE!", I stop playing and I'm like "right when I'm playing guitar there's a damn street fight".

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