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Pixicorpse6's story

Name - Bridgit
Oasis Username - Pixiecorpse6
Age - 16
Sex - Female
Location - Ontario, Canada

My story begins in August 2006. I had just recently met a boy at a three-day
concert, and decided to make one last attempt to change my sexuality. It
didn't work, just as the other two heterosexual relationships I'd gotten
myself into hadn't. Ever since I hit puberty I had been questioning my

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Posts will now have friendlier urls.

I have just enabled the URL aliasing feature for new posts and users on Oasis Magazine. It's a subtle thing, but it's an important usability feature.

What this means is that when you post new content, the link won't be just 'node/[some big number]', but instead it will be '[year]/[month]/[title]'.

Users will also be linked as 'user/[user name]' instead of 'user/[user id]'. If you have strange characters in your user name, your profile link might look slightly odd however. It is best to choose a user name without spaces, for instance. Profiles are still only visible to members, so your personal information is still not being indexed by google.

As there is a lot of content on Oasis, it will take a couple of days for friendly urls to be created for all the old content. The old links will still work, so you don't have to worry about that =).

We are edging ever closer to the relaunch of Oasis Magazine. So stick around =)

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Gay Monopoly

From boardgamegeek.com

Gay Monopoly - A celebration of gay life".

Tongue in cheek version of the classic Monopoly. Player tokens are altered - now you can choose from a jeep, teddy bear, blow drier, leather cap, handcuffs or a stiletto heel. Properties have been changed to a 'gay' theme as well - e.g. Fire Island and Castro Street. Instead of buying houses and hotels, you can buy bars and bathhouses.

The one departure from the original Monopoly is the inclusion of Family Pride cards. When landing on the appropriate space, the description of a famous gay man is read aloud, and the player that can correctly identify the person can move ahead to any space on the board.
Also different is the addition of Camp Cards. When these are drawn, you must perform the indicated action (ie. 'say: 'faaabulous!' six different ways and receive $3).
Rumor has it that there were only a very limited number of copies of this game, as it was produced by The Parker Sisters, a division of Fire Island games, and were sued for copyright infringement by Parker Brothers.

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Approaching the end of the year now (if you hadn't noticed). I wanna know the highlights, memorable moments and of course the shit times of everyones year. Please share!

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Im writting a story and this is what i have so far

if you could tell me what you think that would be amazing

“When did life get so fucked up? Why do people treat me like shit? Why do people treat her like shit? We are human beings. Why can’t our parents just leave us alone? Why can’t they just leave us alone?” That was the beginning of my journal entry on November 28, 2006. I was sick of life. I was a junior in high school and I was going insane. My best friend and I were going through the hardest time in our lives. We were in love. But her parents wouldn’t let us do anything. My parents wouldn’t let us do anything. We were stuck in a homophobic world and we couldn’t escape. Lesley was all I had. Every time I saw her I felt like there was a reason to live. So if our parents stopped us…was there a reason to live?

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If life was a romance novel...

Damn straight girls. Seriously...it's stupid. Really, incredibly stupid. Sexuality is fluid, damn it! The chance that she's a 0 on the Kinsey Scale is really incredibly small. I mean, she could be a 1 and it wouldn't matter 'cause she'd be incidentally homosexual--which, seriously, is enough for me.

During art club today, S. (my straight girl crush) revealed to me what the whole "It's too awkward to tell you thing" was. No, she didn't come out to me. Not that I really expected her to, but still. I mean, it makes me want to live in a romance novel, or at least a half-way decent fanfiction. At this point, she'd confess that she's loved me since the day she laid eyes on me and would then proceed to sweep me away into the supply closet and snog my brains out. Which would be lovely. I'd withstand buckets of purple prose dumped on me just for that. Or maybe a more watered-down version--anything involving the words "I'm possibly gay and like you in that way" would do for me.

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a new girlfriend

Remember how I was all obsessed about that girl, waiting for her to write me back?

We're going out now.

As of today.

We talked on the phone for, like, 2 hours. She's so amazing. She's like my clone. I'm so happy.

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Telling a classmate of the same sex you'd sleep with them apparently makes them very uncomfortable... Who knew.

Ok, so here's the whole story. One of my friends, lets call him K, was complaining a few weeks ago about his B in Spanish. I know, it's horrible. So he said something about his "stupid Spanish teacher being a lesbian." I replied, "Why's that bad, were you planning on sleeping with her to raise you're grade?" He jokingly replied "yes."

Today at lunch I was talking to another one of my friends, lets call her S, whom is in the same Spanish class. She was complaining about a test she took and didn't do so well in. Me, remembering the conversation with K, which S was a part of, told S to go sleep with the teacher to raise her grade. S kept saying no and got a little uncomfortable. I said, "what, do you want me to sleep with her to raise you're grade?" Lunch became very awkward at this point seeing as no one had any way to reply to that.

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Highschool climates?

In my Bible-Belt highschool 'coming out' as we know it is not a option. No one would ever, ever, consider it. Now, that's not to say there aren't somewhat out gay kids. Depening on what group you roll with, you might be able to tell some people. For instance, my Drama & Debate kids are 100% accepting. But, if everyone, or most people even, in knew you were gay... Well, to be honest I'm not sure what would happen. So, lets take it steps at a time.

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Hehe, I'm a happy idiot.

You have NO idea how amusing I find my current situation. I don't know why, but I do.

Okay, so Sora and I went to the mall today, and we enjoyed ourselves and met other Manga fans and stuff. It was awesome. Though I spent a lot of money that I probably shouldn't have. XD

So, anyways. When we get back, I walk her back to her house. And then I walk home. And then I find an exucse to go over there, I decide that I'm done with the Manga I borrowed and bring it to her.

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A Tribute to Keeping You A Secret

I just got the book Keeping You A Secret, by Julie Anne Peters. I've been itching to read it all week, and I finally bought it last night. As soon as I got back from the mall, I tore into it, and didn't put it down at all until I finished it. It took me 7 hours; by 2 in the morning I was so tired that I was probably read 2 words every 5 seconds. I remember checking the time; it was 12:46. When I finally closed the book, feeling both satisfied and empty at the same time (I wanted it to keep going on forveer), it was already 3 am. I hadn't stayed up so late in a few weeks, and I wasn't even that tired. It took me a long time to fall asleep. I kept thinking about that book, and about how it related to my own life.

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Contraceptives and consternation

Awkward moment: Commenting to your crush that you have so much random crap in your pockets you need to clean out.
More Awkward: Crush reaches in your pocket jokingly and retrieves the condom you received for World AIDS Day.
Even More Awkward: You're 15.
Clincher: You're both girls.

At our GSA today, our very fabulously gay president, Dani, led the introductions, but then when it was the turn of our advisor, Mr. J., to give his name, sign, and age, he got us on track with the significance of today to the community. He read some sobering statistics on AIDS from the paper, new as of November of this year. Mr. J. is gay, so he told us some stories about people he knew with HIV, and friends of his who had died from AIDS. But then he went on to ask, "But is AIDS just a gay disease? Is that true?"

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Happy Birthday Oasis!

Today's the day, Oasis is 11 years old.

Thanks to everyone who comes here and makes the site what it is. I don't know that I had any clue what I was starting back in 1995, but I'm certainly glad of what it became.

This will certainly be a birthday that is celebrated in a big way here, hopefully you'll know what I'm talking about within the week. Soon, though.

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Quick note: I've changed the navigation slightly.

To save space in the right sidebar, the user menu is now contained in the header, above the logo. All post types you can create are now available in the write menu, meaning you don't have to click on create content first.

I've also made it so that clicking on the 'Log In' link, collapses a small login form that you can log in with now.

If there are problems with any of this functionality, could you guys please leave me a message here, with your browser name and version, and possibly take a screenshot.

Thanks. =)

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you took my pen

Yay for me! I did my presentation, everything went pretty smooth. I did end up wearing the tie etc. Gotta admit my outfit was pretty cool haha, my sister said I look like I should be in a band or something. Ok sorry my head is growing bigger by the minute, I'll stop there so I don't cringe too much when I read back on this journal hehe.

Anyway I'm feeling pretty good coz I finally talked to purple-hair girl (the chick I kinda like) in my class today..

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Oasis now has a search feature.

One of the features I've always wanted for Oasis was a search box, so that you could more easily find that post you recalled seeing, but couldn't quite remember who wrote it, or when it was written.

Now I'm not saying that the search functionaliy will rival that of google, but it does sometimes provide more accurate results, considering it doesn't have to worry about indexing the rest of the internet.

In the near future, user profiles will also become searchable.

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12 Great Gay Movies in No Particular Order

1. Edge of Seventeen
2. Latter Days
3. Beautiful Thing
4. Borstal Boy
5. My Beautiful Laundrette
6. Victor/Victoria
7. 200 American
8. Trick
9. Maurice
10. The Sum of Us
11. Presque Rien (Come Undone)
12. The Birdcage

- Pat Nelson Childs

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Becoming me

I think that it's one of those funny life coincidences that as I am physically learning to fly aeroplanes, I am also trying to learn how to fly spiritually and emotionally so I can one day soar into the woman I hope to become.

This woman, she is strong; she doesn't care what others think so she is not afraid to be who she is, but at the same time, she is empathetic, she takes care of others and helps them feel good about themselves; she is inspirational.

This woman laughs and dances like no one's watching, and she loves like there's no tomorrow. She stands up for who she is and for what she believes in, no matter how hard it is; but if she doesn't, if she fails like she has already and is bound to do many times in the future, she forgives herself, picks herself up, dusts herself off, and tries again.

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