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Tales of the Pretty, Mischievous, or just Bored

Man Collecting where the Grass is Greener:
The Naked Truth about Fabulous Lives (Part 1)
By Chris

Some people just know how to make things happen. I've been lucky enough to know some of the most engaging people I could ever expect to meet. Each one has a new story for every day. They are enigmatic, intellectual, and magnetic- the kind of people you want to hear about.

So I looked around at the pretty people, the mischievous people, the bored people I know. Why are our lives so interesting?

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Labels and Stereotypes

In today's society, it is impossible to exist without applying labels to yourself, whether related to your race, your sexuality, or even your taste in music. But why?

When I introduce myself to someone, I introduce myself simply as "Kate", as you would expect. But my name isn't the only way I can identify myself. We are supposed to live in a very liberal society, as a race of unprejudiced, open-minded people. So why do we feel that we have to continue to put people into groups, filing them mentally into categories, as we would our CDs.
So, when I introduce myself to someone, I could say:

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straight girl

You used to stare at my breasts like you'd lost something beneath the fold of them and my ribs. Your tongue would search for it, taste me.

I was never angry that you were afraid of the things that happened in my bed, the things you kept coming to find in my bed. I let your body work, made mine work back. Time and time again you came.

Sometimes I think it may have been for the words. You should've just asked me. I would have given them to you without turning you into a whore.

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An Ode To Socks

An Ode To Socks - would you ever think that socks had this much drama in their lives?

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When I turn to look to you,
I can only look up,
Being so far below really hurts my neck.
And when I see myself,
Looking in a mirror,
I have to squint, for you have made me invisible.
And now that I'm this small,
You can step all over me,
NOt that it made any difference before.
If youre so perfect, then compare yourself,
To the cookie cutter I hold before you.
And you say the world's,
Being so cruel,

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Support Forum

I have started a topic on the support forum explaining the basics of how the new Oasis works .. aswell as an explanation of what's up with user sites, blog entries and stories..

Please go read if you have any questions or fears

And for goodness sake.. ASK. =)

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Known Issues with New Registrations


There is a known issue with registration emails not being sent out , I believe I might have tracked down the issue , and am working towards rectifying it..

I should note it seems to be affecting users.

If you are one of those stricken with this, please don't hesitate to contact me on my aim : vertice123 , icq : 735289 or email : adrian at daemon dot co dot za.


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Chapter 1 - Damn those English teachers...

I'm not bad at English. In fact, I'm in the top class for it. So I guess I'm pretty good actually. Point? Before the summer break, we were given an assignment in English to write a monologue. So I thought to myself, 'This is my chance to be different. Everyone's gonna write a monologue in the character of a prisoner, an elderly person or a broken marriage victim'

Now, for those of you who've watched Dark Angel, you'll know that there's a pretty hot lesbian called Original Cindy on the show. I'm a HUGE fan of this character, so I thought 'Hey, I'll write my monologue in the character of her. Maybe set it a few years back to her teenage years. It's not really that much of a challenge, I'll get my ideas from some fanfic site of hers. All I have to do is write the damn thing'.

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A brief introduction to another awesome feature!

Oasis now has the ability to link to pieces of content and pictures without requiring any knowledge of html ....

Plus .. i have access to these, and i will be working on making oasis easier to use sometime in the future.

For instance i want to link to my newest blog entry ... this was done without any html ..

And so was this .. THIS , which is the same link as this thumbnail provides. :

// . .. it is currently used without permission .. but i have mailed him already asking for it.. and for a huge print of this image to go next to the escher print on my bedroom wall..

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A Semi-fictional New Year's Eve

Outside, the air was cold and the evening was dark. It was December 31st, so it isn't odd for the weather to be like this.

Scott was sitting in his room, waiting for 7:00 o'clock to roll around, for at 7:00 he was to leave and pick up his friend Emily. Tonight he had planned for a party at his friend Lily's house.

Scott was a 17 year old guy. He listened to punk music and dressed like a semi-typical punkish person. He was 5'10" and a little chubby. He always tried to lose the weight, alas to no avail. He had jet black hair with multiple red streaks and it was almost always messed up.

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The Day Oasis Died - Tiki [American Pie Parody]

Short short time ago
I can still remember
How discussion used to make me smile
And I know if I had a chance
I could make that spidey dance
And Riley would be happy for a while
But January made me shiver
With every mouse click I'd deliver
Bad news on the website
Boy that server was shite!
I can't remember if I cried
When I read how hard our `mama' tried
But something touched me deep inside
The day oasis died.

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Oasismag Back from the Dead! [sorta]

After a very hair-raising month of technical problems , research , design and much blood sweat and tears .. Oasismag is
finally almost ready to be reopened.

There are a few things still waiting to be sorted out before we can start registering new users on the site , but I felt that this page was more heartening than the plain old html page stating that the sky had , indeed fallen down.

New user registrations should be up by the end of the week, and the message board is already active .. it just needs users to post on it.

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