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Was woken by choppers this morning

Yesterday afternoon at 3pm table mountain caught fire, and the wild fire is still raging.

I actually live on the mountain (as in my back gate walks on to it).

It was fucking scary, as several homes were destroyed and at least one person has died. For a few hours we were the next to be evacuated, but VERY luckily the fire burned in the other direction. It stopped LITERALLY 2km from our house.

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How can they not get this by now?!

God: So who’s next? Ah, yes, the active homosexuals. So tell me, Jarvis, what shall we do with them?

Jarvis: You’re going to punish them, aren’t you?

God: Why do you say that?

Jarvis: Because to engage in homosexual behaviour is wrong, of course.

The Appeal to The Bible

God gently rubbed his chin and looked quizzically at Jarvis.

God. Wrong? Is it wrong?

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Oz It aint! Being gay In Prison!

Originally from

from Genet to Powertool to a certain HBO series starring Chris Meloni, we love gay's in the slammer. While hetero guys make nervous jokes about emasculation and soap-on-a-rope—even going so far as employ their fears and fantasies in those old Scared Straight (and how!) shows where they tried to keep delinquent teens from enduring locked-down lives—homosexuals have created an entire mythical sex-world of brutes behind bars. How excited were you when Ashton Kutcher dropped to his knees in that spazzy Butterfly effect movie and asked his butch bunkmates if he should just suck their dicks and get it over with? Very. And don't front like you weren't.

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21 today!

Like Azul Love, I am 21 today too!

It started out with dinner with friends whereupon I received a shot glass with a rainbow flag on the side, a bottle of lube (for solo use or with friends I was told), and some chocolate body paint in a bottle that was the shape of a male torso and junk. That was followed by a trip to a local straight strip club whereupon my face was sandwiched by boobs (it was her birthday gift to me) and it was okay. Not my taste, but oh well. There was beer and I was content to be with friends.

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Sit and Spin: The straight man's guide to enjoying gay sex.

A very very enlightening article.
" This is the question that the heterosexual men of America are asking themselves today. Like the sexual revolution of late 1960s and early 1970s, the gay revolution of the "oughts" stands to turn the previously accepted paradigm of sexual interaction on its ear. The straight American male has heard exaggerated tales of the non-stop bacchanalia that many assume is the homosexual lifestyle. He has watched his attractive female friends experiment with lesbianism for various intervals, always readily re-accepted as hetero- or bi-sexuals when they return to dating men, without damage to their reputations or loss of respect. He may have even read of the customs of ancient Sparta, where it was considered perfectly acceptable for a man to take a young boy as a lover. Such historical food for thought probably doesn't inspire many straight males to purchase trampolines, Playstations and NAMBLA memberships, but it may make them wonder why it's considered "hot" for their female friends to make out with each other, but "gay" (with the attending negative connotation) for them to try the same thing with other guys."

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Reforming the Book Club

I had already posted a thread about it, but I thought a second wouldnt hurt, and would be more official (atleast the title would be).
The previous heads of the book club havent been on a very long time, so i am reforming the book club. With new rules.

1. (This is more a clause in case i miss anything). What ever Barralai says goes (ie my word is law). (again its just a clause in case i forget something).

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Gay Men & Race

I posted this on the U.S. Politics & Sexual Orientation Debate boards on the religion & philosophy site BeliefNet, but I thought it deserved further discussion here:

I hate the fact that because I'm black and gay, other black people who are straight just assuage that the only reason I'm gay is because it was somehow "caused" by a white person because being gay is somehow "a white person's thing" common to rich exectives.

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Is Being Gay Biological?

I have been patiently reading these posts for several months and remembered one discussion about " Is being gay biological or something else?" While there are no clear scientific answers to this question as yet, there is one article that seems to dramatically tilt the scales. Below is a link to the article. After reading it, I would appreciate knowing your reactions by posting to this blog.

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A new year...

Resolutions have never been my thing, at least not in January. I always did mine at Gay Pride for some reason, although this was the last year that will be happening.

I don't get on Oasis as much as I'd like, but it's good to see that the site still seems to be vital and living up to why it was put together 10 years ago. There is something special about having a site that is about community that isn't segregated by sexuality and gender, which is how so much of the online world is carved.

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I saw Brokeback Mountain! My review

I've been wanting to see this movie for months, and when it finally came out in wide release yesterday I coaxed my family into seeing it at a small artsy theater in old town. I was still unsure about it; was it only getting hype because it was a gay "cowboy" movie? Or will it be what I was hoping for? Well, the opening credits went up, and I was right-I was mesmorized and moved for the entire thing.

You all by now know the story; it follows Jack and Ennis (I probably spelled that wrong) through their twenty year off and on relationship. The acting is incredible, and Heath Ledger (Ennis) really deserves an Oscar in his portrayal. He just oozed that character so well. But the whole caste was wonderful, and the photography was just breathtaking.

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Walkman bows to iPod

In the car, I played a former favorite CD that I thought had been ruined but miraculously wasn’t and actually only skipped like twice out of the whole 11 songs. That could possibly be one of the most refreshing surprises known to mankind. Or mekind anway.

It was Rob Thomas screaming wisdom at me through my speakers which have too much treble and not enough bass but are nonadjustable. And then he sang about death in his round about, poetic way, very softly and very reflectively, and I felt emotion stinging my eyes a little as I drove down the icy back streets.

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I have temporarily disabled the image galleries.

They haven't been properly working since our last server move, and I don't have the time to properly fix them at this point.

Other than that I have been readying a new upgrade of the site, which actually has completely rewritten image galleries which I know work.

SO for the next 2-3 weeks image galleries will be disabled.

Have a nice day =)

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Sexual tension everywhere I turn!

The point of the all girl's Catholic school is to create a calm environment free of sexual tension...for straight girls. Unfortunately, as a lesbian, I am just BOMBARDED with hottness. The girls roll up their skirts, wear right shirts, and I'm just overcome with desire, man. I see these wonderful young women and just want them. I love it, but the only problem is...I can't do anything about it. I need a girlfriend! I finally feel like I'm ready to date, since for so many years I spent denying my sexuality.

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another article

again this article comes from the Chronicle of Higher Education.

anyway, i really like the last line

Coming Out of the Catholic Closet

Gay professors strive — some more overtly than others — for acceptance at Roman Catholic colleges


Gay and lesbian professors at Roman Catholic colleges have learned that it is often easier, as well as safer, to keep a low profile. Even when administrators want to be supportive, they have to worry about the backlash from alumni and Catholic groups that oppose homosexuality. As one professor put it, "The unwritten code is: 'Don't let us hear about it. Don't embarrass us. Don't let this be a subject of controversy.'"

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Straight Privilege

Hey guys! I was listening to Crash and Bailey and they read a paper titled "Straight Privilege". It's an idea paralleling that of "White Privilege", which was written to show the legs-up that white people have. "Straight Privilege", by contrast, shows how straight people are advantaged in todays world. It was written by straight-identifying students at Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana. Without further ado, an excerpt from Straight Privilege":

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"If you were normal you would be dating boys..."

I haven't written in the longest time, so here it goes. I was going to go out on my first date with a girl this weekend (she had to cancel because she's too busy), and my parents totally wigged. Mostly because we had had, "this conversation last year, and we had agreed that you probably shouldn't date girls until your in college." Ok, just to clarify: THEY decided last year that I shouldn't date girls (my mother said that I could go out on dates with my guy friends...obviously she doesn't get the point of dating in the NEW millenium...) until I was in college. They had this major shitfest about how it was a big step or a big leap for us all to make...ok, MY STEP, MY FRIGGIN' LEAP! Eventually, after many tearful pleadings they gave in, but it did nothing to disperse my father's confusion over a "subject we had already dealt with," and my mother's tearful musings and worryings. They're totally supportive of me, but it doesn't mean they understand. My mom started contemplating all these wild and crazy things that my dating would open up, and I told her that it was a date, a normal thing that teenagers do, and that everyone is open to as much heartache or ridicule as the next, to which she responded, sadly and not maliciously, "If you were normal you would be dating a boy. This isn't within my frame of reference." So if it isn't within her frame of reference it's weird or something? Whatever I'm just pissed and resentful...atleast they gave in....

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Anal Lesbians


[Drhubbard] watched this film called 'anal lesbians' the other day.
[Drhubbard] they spent about half the film going through the fridge labelling everything..


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Happy 10th Birthday Oasis!

I am proud to announce that today , Oasis Magazine is officially 10 years old. On 1 December 1995, Jeff Walsh released the first issue of a new monthly webzine, written by and for gay youth.

His original announcement can be read in the editorial from the first issue.

It's been an amazing ride, and I like to think that we've made a difference in people's lives throughout this, because it certainly has in mine.

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I Told Her

So here I am. Tonight no longer a chicken shit. I told her. I
told my mom that I'm gay. We were making dinner. Standing at
the stove. She was stirring her pot of pasta sides, and I was
stirring my pot of just pasta. My nerves have been so edgy
lately that I haven't been able to eat anything but plain pasta.

I don't know what we were talking about when it all started, but
she has asked me, "Have you ever been asked if you were gay? I mean

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Private message spam

I have recieved a few compaints about spam, and I have just recieved one myself, using the private message system on oasis magazine.

I will disable any person sending spam via the private message module, and in the future, I will likely be limiting access to the private message module until you have been a member for a certain amount of time , or something.

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