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How do i...?

The new school year's starting really soon... And what i wanna know is how do I, or how did you, come out to people at your school? I mean... people have always assumed i'm straight, but it's sucha big group of people. I'm going to be more open about it of course, and i'm not like, oging to announce it (obviously :P) So i was just kind of wondering what you guys did to come out at school (if you h

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Books that have changed your life

I am an avid reader of paper books; even in this age of hyper-media.
To me, there is something about a good book in my hands that can not be beat.

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Beautiful gay merit badges for sale

Copied from Boing Boing

Picture 1-23
Larry Jens Anderson is selling great embroidered "Gay Merit Badges" for $20. Shown here: "Flaming Faggot." Link (thanks, Garth!)

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A revolution through affection

* Beware that this entry is lengthy but about something I deeply care about

There’s something to be said about opening up and old house. Rooms at once dark and lifeless are resuscitated when the light and life giving shutters are ajar. The house reawakens and life renters its chambers, furniture, and walls as if the building itself was taking a breath after nearly suffocating.

This summer I have been very lucky, as I was able to find a job working for a historical organization. One of the tasks that I responsible for is opening up an old house that they preserve and protect. Built prior to industrialization and mass production all the pieces within are one-of-a-kind. Walls have stuccowork, the carved wood of mahogany furniture contains curls and flourishes of every kind and tea sets and table settings remain perpetually in service. It’s as if the house was frozen in time, as aif ll the wars and economic depressions that have happened since its construction were mere annoyaces. It’s interesting to be in the middle of the modern world yet have this old relic still intact and in use; almost a little unsettling.

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What did he do this week?

Hi kids,

I thought I'd post and let you all know about the crazy, fun and debaucherous (at times) activites that I've been up to lately. From family to meeting Adrian to productive things to sex, I think I've got it all covered this week. Read on....

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Enough already...

So, there's been a lot of negativity and name calling lately. I just deleted an account (without even a warning) that used another user's avatar and clearly was there to provoke and make fun of them. Hopefully that doesn't have to be a regular occurrence, as it is obviously a new phenomenon here.

The basic rules here are that we are here to support each other and, if unable to do that, to learn what you will have to learn in the offline world: to ignore people who bother you. No one on this site is wrong, they just think differently than you.

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For what it's worth.

I felt like a moron for not having done this before, but I merged an upstream fix for the private message module, and your inbox will now show how many messages you have left.

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Damn you, World Book Encyclopedia...

Hi. I'm really, really mad and I thought you guys might appreciate it.

This is the letter that I'm mailing them. It pretty much says it all.

To whom it may concern:

Upon looking up the word “love

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Planet Fabulon Returns!

On the suggestions thread over in the support forum, jeff mentioned the 2nd incarnation of Oasis, from 2001 - 2002 (I think), that eventually died a bloody death and destroyed Oasis and everyone's writings. I was part of that era, and it seems that a lot of people from the old site never returned after that, which is a shame, because we had a lot of fun. One of our running jokes which was sadly lost - and which I hope to resurrect - was Fabulon. I don't know how well Fabulon will work in a community that didn't create it, but it's worth a shot.

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Suggested Features for the Next Version of Oasis

I'd like to start a thread for features that users here would suggest be added to a future version of Oasis or Drupal.

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Good Gay Movies?

I have been wondering if there are any movies that anyone would recommend. They have to be lgbt, which means they have to either have homosexual, bisexual, or transgender themes.

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Going to be in Vancouver and Portland Oregon over the next few weeks.

Pop me a line in case any of you guys want to hook up. (Jazzer, this means you).

Mail me at oasismag at daemon dot co dot za.

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Gay youth hung in Iran - UPDATED

Hmm, this brings a new focus to the war that is going on. In this picture of their final moments, two teenage boys - one under 18 - were publicly hanged by the Islamo-fascist regime in Iran yesterday for being gay.

Good fodder for discussion about other implications of what we are fighting the war for, as well as some perspective on how trivial some of our big issues really are in this and other more tolerant countries.

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When Jesus Goes To Far: Part I (more to come)

For the first part of my "When Jesus Goes To Far" posting(s), I am going to discuss Christian Based Organizations that "say" they can cure homosexuality (which is laugh, becaue being gay is so much fun, espially when you get to live in places where its a constant Gay Pride Parade (ie East Village of NYC!!!).

I am gonna talk about hte big one mostly today, I think alot of people have heard of its (deep breath) Exodus International. (exodus being when the jews escaped egpyt with moses, on a side note, any idea when the jewish messiah is gonna show up, its been like 3000 years)...

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.11 reasons why gay marriages should be banned.

1. Homosexuality is not natural, much like eyeglasses, polyester, and birth control.
2. Heterosexual marriages are valid because they produce children. Infertile couples and old people can't legally get married because the world needs more children.

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MEANWHILE, he was getting increasingly sleepy....

MEANWHILE,he was getting increasingly sleepy as a retarded girl exiting some bus broke down into a panic attack in the middle of the parking lot, a little girl was playing on that filthy floor of the supermarket, and they kept playing that music - that goddamned music - again and again and again and again and again as if they couldn't get enough of hearing that same song and he began to feel surer and surer that repetition was a large part of madness.

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Accidental Revelations

I just came out to my mom. By accident. I was talking to her while I was checking my email and all that, and I go to myspace. She's never really seen a site like that before so she asks if she can see my page on there. I figure sure, what's on there that she can't or shouldn't see? As it turns out, I forgot about that little "Orientation: Not Sure" thing that's on there... and of course that's the first thing that she notices.

"Not sure? What does that mean?"
"Uh... uh... its the... default thing? And I haven't changed it, and.."
"You haven't changed it? Don't give me that. Are you really not sure?"
"Look, I..."

She looks me in the eyes.

"You're gay? Bi?"

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I got an idea for the marketing slogan for one of those straight camps!

"There's room for everybody in the closet of the Lord"

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A great loss to my high school: a case of prejudice and discrimination

I had never thought something like this would happen at my high school, but it did. Today I found out that one of the most influential, best -liked teachers will not be returning next year due to the fact that he was made to feel uncomfortable in the workplace because of his sexuality.

Mr. Henry (fictitious name) has run the local GSA club in my high school for four years and has made a huge impact in the community changing the attitudes of students, parents, and teachers. He is an openly gay teacher and since day 1 he has been experiencing difficulty at being both out and still receiving the acceptance of his bosses, and the school system. Following his employment, his being open about his sexuality caused an immediately uproar from parents many of whom wanted to see him fired for fear that their children be “turned gay.

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Love in Action Queer Re-education Camp


I'm Michael Ditto, one of the original contributing writers to Oasis, and was its editor for a short time while Jeff Walsh moved from Wilkes-Barre to San Franqueerland.

I check in with the site often, and it makes me proud to see how much it has grown over the years. This is the first time I have posted anything in over five years (maybe close to 10 years!). I think it's that important.

Down in Memphis, Tennessee resides a Christian re-education camp called Love in Action, which purports to convert gay people into straight people. The program is many years old, but up until a couple of years ago it only served adults. Now they have a program called Refuge, which is a camp for teens, where parents can and do send kids against their will. The camp uses cruel, humiliating, dehumanizing tactics, as well as promises of love and affection and enlightenment that make it look more like forced indoctrination into a cult than any kind of summer camp.

You can learn about it here (Start from the bottom).

A local group of enterprising teens has been protesting outside of Love in Action every single day since the camp started. If you would like to participate, visit the site of Queer Action Coalition to find out how you can help.

If you have experience with this or any other ex-gay program, please contact me. I would like to interview you for a larger story I am doing. You can remain anonymous if you wish. You can contact me at my web site, and you can also find more information about the controversy there.

Hugs to you all,
Mike Ditto

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