3 Question Survey

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The game is called Marry, Bury, or F*ck.

Basicly, who would you most want to marry (but not have sexual relations with), bury (you are the man with golden gun here), or f*ck (spend one hot night with, then never see again).

I'll start.

Marry: Gertrude Stein
She wasn't a looker, so sex is most definately not an issue. But she was truly brilliant and I would learn as much from her as I possibly could.

Bury: Avril Lavigne
The death of skater boi. (Y'all know this is the community that started the spelling of boi and furthermore I was wearing ties before she speak. Plus that song just gets into your skull and won't get out.)

F*ck: Drew Barrymore
I think she's gorgeous. I don't like her as an actress. I don't think she's too entirely bright, but this is the shallow catagory.

How about everyone else?

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u could make a poll

u could make a poll where there's just one person in the heading and the 3 choices r marry bury or fuck. :) hehe that'd be funny. then u could be like...

Albert Einstein, and see the responses... :)

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That could be fun...

But, this was one of my favorite bus games in D.C. and since I'm on a closeup high, I'll keep it.

That should be tons of fun for round 2 though.

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marry : jeremy (antinous)

marry :
jeremy (antinous)
Bury :
jerry fallwell
f*ck :
justbryan .. or colin farrell (mmmm colin farrell)

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Marry- KD Lang. Then I could listen to her hooot voice all day.

Bury- Avril Lavaigne! (see, I can't even spell her name.) She is a total poser, doesn't know the meaning of the word punk, and thinks she rocks. Yeah right, We shall kill her slowly!

F*ck- Oh my God... ::thinks:: Haruka! Butchie from Sailor Moon! ::dies::

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Difficult choices...

Why do I have to never have sex with the person I marry, and never see again the person I fuck? It's the forboding qualifiers that are tripping me up.

marry: TJ (he has a husband, but such a beautiful spirit) or Will (single, but ditto). I've been friends with them too long to want sex with them, so we already have companionship without sex.

bury: no one, karma hurts worse.

fuck: Gosh, nearly every guy I meet can go here... I guess I should pick someone straight. Matt Damon?


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Bringing an old thread back from the dead

This is a tough one...

Marry- Hal Sparks, and no it's not because of his work on QAF. I think he is a really interesting person and not to mention a musician plus he's damn funny...to bad he's straight.

Bury- Eh...things are going good for me right now so best not to jinx that

F*ck- Milo Ventimiglia (Peter from Heroes)- Oh my god is he hot...Yeah my mind rents space down in the gutter

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marry: meryl streep. forgetting the age difference. beautiful. smart. funny. down to earth. gorgeous singing voice. what's not to love? (i'd happily settle with her heir apparent Cate Blanchette, though. Or Kate Winslet)

bury: any of the so-called celebutantes (e.g. paris hilton, nicole richie, lindsay lohan, etc.)

f*ck: i'd have to say either catherine zeta-jones back when she was still sexy or kristen bell.

These gots peanuts and soap in 'um!

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I would have to totally

I would have to totally agree on marrying Meryl Streep :)

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Hey I was going to write

Hey I was going to write that!!!
I find you quite amusing, and I’m sure you love me too, But sadly I am Lesbian, Though I’ll pretend for you

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I think I'd have to go with this

Marry: Doris Muramatsu, from Girlyman, cause she seems so sweet, she would write pretty songs for me, and she's just plain adorable

Bury: Mitt Romney, Let me just say that I apologize on behalf of my state for unleashing the monster

Fuck: India.Arie I mean, what can I say, the woman is gorgeous in all senses of the word, physically, her voice, and she's such a cool person!

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these are sum toughies

marry-- Sean Hayes. because he's funny and I lurves him...Or Johnny Depp<3

bury-- can't think of anyone actually.

fuck-- my friend F...he's incredibly sexy, but taken, unfortunately.

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hmm.... marry: darryl


marry: darryl stephens!! =]

bury: i have to agree with lost_in_wonderland...they need to go. =/

f*ck: hehehehehehehehe.....either todd herzog...people like him let you know there's a higher being....=]....OR wilson cruz...yummmmmm....=]

hello, twelve. hello, thirteen. hello, love! =]

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marry: Katherine Hepburn
Burry:Fred Phelps, the leader of that church that goes to funerals of gay people, usually who have died from AIDs and tells their families that that person is going to hell and that homosexuality is an abomination
f*ck: Scarlet Johanson or Natalie Portman

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Marry- Celine Dion (minus

Marry- Celine Dion (minus the age difference)
Bury- Paris Hilton
Fuck- Ruby.. lol but seriously- Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs (together)... yes i realize Taye Diggs is a guy but he's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!
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u clearly still want to fuck me.... and i might want to let you :-P
but hey, can i also get in on ur Idina-Taye Fuckfest?
And yes, Taye Diggs is very beautiful... he's more beautiful than Idina, for SURE. Then again, it's not that difficult to be more attractive than Idina... physically, she's not that hot/pretty. But her voice! Man, that chick can sing... and that's what gives her sex-appeal.

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Marry: Orwell. I love his books so much.

Bury: Lets not even go there...

Fuck: some random hot chick.

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marry: my bestest buddy, elsbeth. no sex is deffinatly a go.

bury: my dead guinea pig

f*ck: kendra and holly from the girls next door. god they're hot...

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i LOVE kendra and holly! and

i LOVE kendra and holly! and bridget too.

marry: ellen degeneres. so funny and just awesome.
bury: paris fucking hilton
fuck: idina. hands down, idina. (sorry, no taye. though he is totally beautiful too)

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I was going to say I'd marry Ellen...

: )

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Marry: Nigella Lawson? [yes, she's old enough to be my mom... BUT she's pretty, and English, and Jewish, and has those nice big tits that i could curl up with all snuggly at night... oh, and of course she's an expert chef and would make me 3 delicious meals a day everyday. You really can't go wrong.]

Bury: Ellen Page. [That bitch is sooo fucking over-rated. Her movies aren't that great and neither is she. That girl scares me. She looks like an evil doll.]

Fuck: Lindsay Lohan. [We would do lines of coke off eachothers' naked bodies and then have wild crazy sweaty sex all night.]

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Neat-o topic!

Marry: Initially I thought of George Clooney for this, because I do find him attractive but wouldn't want to get sexually involved, and he seems to have a good sense of humour, and might just be fun to grow old(er) with, haha! But in terms of female marriage options, I think Tyra Banks might be alright, she's like a mini-Oprah (alright, kind of a watered-down Oprah, but still decent), she looks gorgeous, and she'd always defend me and seems like a good talker and listener and she's funny! So that would work well, and then I could be a guest judge on Top Model hahahaha!

At the same time, for marriage I'd probably want someone in their 20's or 30's now that looks sort of adorable, that I could kiss and cuddle with and talk to, but not feel the need to have sex with. And I suppose them being of the OPPOSITE gender makes the most sense for us gays/lesbians, just to never be tempted. Haha, imagine being married to George Bush Jr.! Ok, but aside from George and Tyra... Nicole Kidman!

Actually, George gets scrapped in place of Nicole for sure, not certain who would win Kidman vs. Banks though, so either of them work for a wife for me, haha! As a note, I think Nicole Kidman is GORGEOUS and underrated/often not remembered, but go googleimage her, she's HOT! Kristin Kreuk also gets honourable mention, despite terrible performances in Smallville after a few seasons (but then the whole plot sucks to me), she's stunning and to me embodies the perfect look of a modern Canadian girl.

Bury: Avril haters, I can never condemn a famous Canadian! Except Karla. And that's Karla Homolka for you uneducated people, go look her up, she's fun. I would bury Rachel Ray! I find her very annoying, even though she seems nice and all, the Dunkin' Donuts thing made me want to kill her for a bit. Otherwise I would be happy burying a homophobic head of state. Or Shannen Doherty. Crazy ass mofo, she seems to be fine with gays though, so she's last for the casket.

Fuck: Sorry, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon are attractive, but overdone sometimes (not that they aren't good at what they do etc. etc.)! Jude Law mmm, there are so many especially hot, youthful male models out there to pick from, like Evandro Soldati, John Hayward, Leandro Becker etc., I would probably say Sean O'Pry though, delicious and believably stunning, not impossibly so! Jude's accent and humour might make the lead up extra nice though, so tough cookies right here.

I think it's interesting to consider how fame plays into each of these, would you prefer the fun of a one-night stand with a famous attraction, or a lifelong experience with them? Is a high school crush/hottie especially attractive in terms of a one-nighter, or can you toss them aside for a celebrity? Also neat to think about age of partner in the first and last cases!

You're Amazing.

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Marry: Probably Madonna. I

Marry: Probably Madonna. I LOVE it how she speaks her mind and hardly ever takes anything she says back!

Bury: Let's see now....
Gywneth Paltrow for naming her poor daughter "Apple"
Micheal Jackson (A little mix-up with the anesetic[sic]! *Evil grin* Oopsies!)
Meredith Vera because she SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO annoying and Millionare now is way too easy! I mean they said "Super Size Me" came out in 2006 along with "The Terminal!" And this was for $16,000?!!! I mean WTF?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tom Green
George W. Bush
Barbara Walters
The guy who wrote "Who Let the Dogs Out" (I swear, the NEXT time I hear that song, I'm gonna go insane and end up on a very violent rampage!!!!)
The people who came up with the incredible wrong Trix commercial campaign (Making it seem like it's okay NOT to share is always a bad thing)
Freddie Phelps
Anyone who constantly pushes their religion on you i.e. Johovah's Witnesses and the ones that say, "If you don't repent from being gay, you're immoral and going to Hell." What gives them the right what people should believe in?

Jake Gyllenhal, the Rock, Vin Diesel, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, George Micheal, Matthew McConahey[sic], Pierce Bronson, Daniel Craig, Ruppert Everet, Alan Cumming, Todd Herzog, Lance Armstrong, Lance Bass, Lance's ex, Fabio, any guy on Oxygen's "Mr. Romance," Joquian[sic] Phoenix, Russel Crowe, Nicholas Cage, Mario Lopez, Tom Lennon and Cedric Yardrick(?) from Reno! 911, Christopher Knight, Scott Baio, and Christopher Atkins.

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