a happy day off

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umm, first time experimenting wif blogs..... well, guess i'll go over the usual (at least this is the impression i have on blogging)

had an off day from work........finally won GTAIII and went out to shop and a movie.

watched this movie "hero", an asian movie, nominated for foreign film for golden globes......... great fighting scenes....good use of colour filters......otherwise, long winded.

been thinking of trying my hands on poetry but unfortunately, have no idea how to write one......sigh.....this is life if you live in asia.....everything is about churning out androids who can rattle off complex maths equations from the top of their heads whilst lacking skills in every other area.

sleep calls


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you live in asia? cool =)

GTAIII is a badass game, but as i've only played the first 2 , i can't comment on it's difficulty ..

but congratulations regardless *g*

Which country do you live in , if i might enquire ?

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south east asia

umm, i live in Malaysia, it's basically stuck between Singapore and Thailand.

seen the first Survivor (Pulau Tiga)? It was in Malaysia...hope that helps....

GTAIII isn't that difficult, just reload if you screw up, lol. if you get the chance, play it.

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i will likely buy a gamecube .. or a ps2 .. or both ....


i _miss_ my squaresoft rpg's and Namco beat-em-ups.

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PS2 would be the better choice, since every Square game inevitably lands on ps2. plus their library of games are wider......gamecube has a few significant exclusive titles like Metroid Prime or Zelda series. Anyway, I love RPGs too. Has a Playstation but not PS2. Not getting one since I have to concentrate on my studies...

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Resident Evil

Enough reason for me to buy a gamecube...

i played the first PSX RE until the black disc wore down to a dull brown