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First off, lemme say I'm so glad that Oasis is back. I didn't realize i was addicted to it until it went down. But the past is past. And i really like the new layout.

Anyhoo, i live in the midwest in a quaint upper middle class suburb called Carmel. To help give you an insight into my town it would probably help to tell you that the majority of the girls are on the verge of emaciation, straight blond hair, bubble-gum-chewing ditzes and the majority of the guys try to get in touch with their thuggish roots, which none of them have. But in a school of 3500 kids, you're bound to have some cool people and i call them my friends. I am so thankful i have them. I don't know what i would do without them.

Also at my school is a Gay-Straight Alliance. When i first heard of it on the video announcements (like i said, upper middle class suburbia) i was dumbfounded; i didn't see a GSA at my high school in a million years. But we have one which is awesome, but other schools nearby don't have one. The closest thing to one at another school is a Minority Student Union. So perhaps we could do some fundraisers/events with them. Which is what the next GSA meeting topic is about, doing stuff in the community. If any of you have a GSA at your school, could you please tell me what you do there? Cuz our meetings are once a month and rather lackluster. I'd appreciate any feedback.

Let's see.... I think i covered most of it. Bye and thanks for reading.

Again, any feedback is welcome.