But I like hockey...

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Three majorish updates in the life of everyones favorite Shiny object
(ber*yl 'berel n : light-colored silicate mineral; B-note: see emeralds, my favorite shiny thing) :
I was playing floor hockey in gym class and me and this kid and I went after the puck and he knocked out my front tooth, and chipped my other front tooth. The knocked out one is currently being held in by great deals of duck tape. No, really, icky glue and this kind of white cloth strip thing in a braces like contraption spanning three of my teeth. Its rather ugly looking, damn hard to keep clean, Im most likely getting a very expensive root canal next monday on it, and I need braces again. Problems being I already had braces once, hence the again, and we can't really afford any of this shit. But oasis is back, and soon to be better than ever, so life is good. I checked to see if it was up almost once a day the entire time it was down, and more than once a day over vacation.

Secondly, a long involved almost-relationship with this lesbian freshman at my school. Unfortuntately, I didn't feel the same way about her that she did about me, which made me feel horribly guilty, basically a twisted repeat of Ollie all over again, but things seem better now. Ruruoni Kenshin was my savior. He just makes it all better. Including the five or six times her older sister, who was/is a friend of mine, theatened my life.

The number three thing, and kinda the worst was that my cat, Maguire died on saturday. His kidneys failed and he was in pain so mother had him put down. He was old, and I know it was for the best, and hes in a good place now, but I just miss him so damn much. I keep turning corners or hearing noises and exspecting to see him, and it hurts. To me, he was always a person, and always very much my best friend.