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How the hell does this new site work?! I'm confused, and I really really really miss the old set up. Can't we change back?


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umm... nope

Application was unstable, couldn't be administered remotely, had it's own awkward way of doing things, and cost three hundred dollars a year.


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You should also realize ..

That this is the first week the new oasis has been running (not even.. like 2-3 days so far)... a lot of us are still finding our feet.. and the oasis you see before you now is in no way a final product.

I promise this weekend I will put up my comparisons between the two systems , so you'll understand what has changed , and what has stayed the same better.

And yes.. user sites are coming back .. but not until they are ready.
Any information you enter into your blog will be placed on your site.. so you can start writing your content now, and you WONT start over from scratch.