English poem # 1 - <i>Mistakes</i>

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Mistakes cover the ground on which we walk
and seep through our very beings,
never ceasing to obliterate the spark
of life that vainly tries to make us seem

to love, to hate, to cherish,
to feel, to disbelieve that we,
infinitely unable to embellish
ourselves with infinite amity

can succumb to human faults,
can throw ourselves into vaults
of pain, anguish and indifference
and form a wall of malevolence

around our minds, to enable ourselves
to disremember vague memories
of pain caused by a certain misstep
in the general direction of a mistake.


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hey there!

Ok, for the Afrikaans-challenged among us: are your English poems translations, or different poems altogether? I'm just curious...


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Afrikaans is my mother tongue.. it's a bastardization of dutch and german .. with some african tribal languages and stuff thrown in..

practically indistinguishable from 'flemish' ? (i know the afr word is flaams).

Also .. the new OASIS supports multiple languages.. or atleast will .. once i have it all configured and translated.