Freaking out a former supervisor...

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Last year my on-campus job was a student security receptionist. Because of the paperwork involved, and since I didn't change my name legally till this past summer, most people at work knew me as Bethany, my legal name at the time. I didn't bother coming out to any of them. If they knew for other reasons (I swear a good number of queers were in security), that was fine, but I didn't try to give the Trans 101 lecture to every single supervisor that I had. So I would chat with some supervisors, and got to know a couple of them. But once I quit my job at security (post the Superbowl riot and after getting sick of having such a horrendous sleep schedule due to being out till 3am), that was it. I'd say hi around campus, but no more.

Well, today I went to the bathroom before my second class, Theorizing Black Feminisms, and coming out of the men's room I bumped into one of my old supervisors. Excused myself and bolted back to the classroom. Definitely an interesting experience. It's becoming more and more interesting dealing with random people who met me as a female. Sometimes I'm in "educator" mode which means I'm fine with explaining things, though luckily in this area, with its highly visible queer population, I usually only need to say "transgendered" or "transsexual" and people nod, smile, and back off, or continue the conversation. But most of the time, I'm too tired, busy, or annoyed to deal with educating everyone. I can't, and don't want to be, a spokesperson for the entire trans community, which you immediately become if you're the first trans person they've met. So sometimes, I'm just content to freak someone out, by using the "wrong" bathroom, or not explaining when someone says my voice sounds funny, as it's currently dropping due to hormone therapy. I can't be the flagbearer of the trans community. It might not be the most politically correct way of dealing with things, but hey, I'm a busy college student, and some folks also want me to be the flagbearer for the pagan community, so I think I'm doing enough education. I'm just one guy. Besides, making people do a double take amuses me.