Grrr Stupid Dubya!

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You know, I'm all for helping out other countries, but what about us? Was watching good ole Dubya speak on his new AIDS plan today, 14 different countries are targeted, not the U.S. however. We still have thousands of people being infected with and dying from AIDS and the HIV virus everyday in the U.S. Sure I'm bitter given my history with AIDS, but I'm entitled to my bitterness. When is America going to stop trying to rule the world and focus on the problems right here?


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maybe because...

...The HIV/AIDS pandemic is more of an issue in other countries, in terms of raw numbers and in percentages of the population?

...The death rate of those with HIV is much higher in other countries?

...We have a responsibility to share the life-saving drugs that we have developed?

...We have a responsibility to educate others about the nature of HIV and its transmission?

I'm not saying that we've done right by our own. The President's advisory board on HIV/AIDS now includes a man who calls it "the gay plague". And in NYC, for example, the housing given to indigent AIDS patients is so sub-standard as to be uninhabitable. There is still an urgent need for reform in the US. But how can we not help others?

HIV/AIDS is a global disease. And we all need to treat it like one. It's our responsibility as educated, thinking human beings.

This plan does not have to be about American imperialism, even if it is Dubya running the show. Yes, it could have been planned better -- it could have been an initiative to aid both those at home and abroad, or it could have been a plan to better fund UNAIDS -- but the fact that he's acknowledged that HIV/AIDS is a universal issue is some small step forward. At the very least, further pushing for funding will not be so easily dismissed.


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The "gay plague" guy removed himself from the nomination process, and Bush's PR flack said they weren't aware of his divisive views or somesuch.

I think Bush didn't include the U.S. in the list because there are already HIV services being offered in this country, those are countries in which we weren't doing all that much before. Of course, I think more money goes to services that promote abstinence.

Which laeads to the odd logic for gays of no sex until marriage, no marriage. Umm, OK, when can i have sex?