How out are you?

Come out? Honey, I burst down the door holding my own one (wo)man pride parade.
7% (5 votes)
People know I'm gay. I tell people, or they figure it out just seeing me in action.
40% (30 votes)
I've told some friends and family.
37% (28 votes)
This is strictly confidential information.
8% (6 votes)
I like my one person closet just fine, thanks.
8% (6 votes)
Total votes: 75


hol's picture

I *am* a one woman pride para

I *am* a one woman pride parade...
Actually, I think more random strangers know of my sapphic affinity than casual acquaintances.
Snippet of a conversation...
I'm getting a stone massage (a gift from my mother)
Massage lady: so have you ever had a massage before?
Me: yes.
Massage lady: from who?
Me: My ex-girlfriend was a massage therapist.
Massage lady: OH

I've never seen her again. She's my mother's massager. I wonder if that ever comes up in conversation there...LOL

Rachelle is still Great's picture

hee hee

LoL. I love that, Hol.

guideingforce's picture

no guessing here...

I flame even without meaning's pretty sad. I even hold my cell phone gay, I've been told.

Leisa's picture

Normally it takes a bit of co

Normally it takes a bit of convincing for people to believe I'm gay. Most of my friends thought at first that it was just a really well thought out practical joke. But I am oh so persuasive when need be.

RainbowBrite's picture


They can tell the way I act and the way I speak all lovely and dovey. Kinda weird :)

adrian's picture

I'm not as much openly gay, as I am openly fabulous


hol's picture

*smooches* adrian you're r

*smooches* adrian

you're right. you *are* fabulous

thoughtsinelectricblu's picture


If you ask I tell...If you're observant you'll figure it out...If you don't do either, then you probably don't care...And I'm cool with any of it. Just don't try and explain why I am me...annoying as hell!

Craves_Blood's picture


None of my family knows, although most people at school know I'm bi. I have like 5 or 6 bi friends and only one girl and one guy is out like me. But in school, if they don't know, they think it anyway because me and my friend Rachael flirt all the time very openly.