Lesbians can transmit HIV?

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I for one , did not know this.

But then again , i am just your garden variety fag .. what would i know

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yes, adrian,

anyone with bodily fluids, its in tyhe fluids boy...

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and here i was thinking ...

It was all in the wrist..
*swings golf club demonstratively*

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a female response

LOL...I know this is supposed to be a serious topic, but after all I'm immortal ;)

And I guess if we all reduce our sexual practices to mimic our golf swing, then no worries, right?

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You're immortal? Can you teach me?

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A better question would probably be...

Does lesbian sex have a possibility of HIV transmission?

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well, duh....

All body fluids can carry the HIV virus in some measure. And a lot of fluid is present -- ideally, anyway, LOL -- in most sex practices between women. So in theory, lesbian sex can indeed transmit HIV, should one partner come into contact with another's blood or vaginal secretions, urine?, hell, even breast milk... It would be difficult, perhaps, and rare, but certainly not impossible.

Look, Jeff, a woman posting on this thread :-)

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Of course,I knew that it did...

Gosh. I was just re-phrasing the question! I'm taking an advanced college-level human sexuality course.

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why is it all dudes discussing this?


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Don't worry...

We're not "turning" on you, Jeff. :)

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It's all dudes discussing

It's all dudes discussing this because lesbians already know the answers to it

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i feel stupid...

i wasn't completly sure if STDs could be transmitted through lesbian sex and i'm a girl. why is it never talked about? Anyways, how do you have safe sex lesbian style? (I don't really want to ask this in health class, it'd be an awkward way of coming out)

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I doubt your sex ed teacher

I doubt your sex ed teacher would know/answer.

Gloves, children. And this mysterious thing called a dental dam, which can also be made out of a glove.

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but how about using that dental dam? I know I'm totally clueless. See, this is an actual problem for lesbians. Straight kids are taught how to have safe sex and gay guys, well they can kind of figure out how to use a condom cant they? But lesbians? Stupid prejudice causing people to be ill informed. :(
Sorry, little rant there.

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That's why, on the eighth day, God and Al Gore invented the Internet.

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yeah for you guys to inform me...

about how to have safe sex, what's a dental dam?

"gay: cheerful and lighthearted; merry." - The American Heritage Dictionary.

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amen to the internet comment