Oasis ready for registrations

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OK, things are coming around on the new system, and Adrian has enabled site registration, so sign up now and then you can start participating in the site through the online forums, send private messages to one another, or create your own weblog (or blog), which is the equivalent of your site on the old Oasis.

There will still be a lot of improvements as we get things going, and feel free to post in the support forum as we all learn this new system together.



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user sites

User blogs are very similiar from what you had on the old oasis , without one thing .... customizability.
There is no 'Navigation' currently , and there is no mapping of 'sitename.oasismag.com' to your personal blog page.
This doesnt mean the system can't do it.. it just means that it is going to take slightly longer for that to go live.
You need not worry .. you are not going to lose any functionality from the old oasis , but you will however gain quite a bit of new functionality.
One you can see right now... comments.. on everything (and they can be nested).
You can comment on images, blog entries , stories .. hell even commments. =)
We also have enabled private messaging , avatars , profile pages , polls and many other nifty features.
If you have any trouble .. please ask on the support forum.

*jumps up and down from excitement*