OK, now I feel better...

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Got all my diary entries from the old Oasis site up on this one... (as you can see)

Status update: Not too much to report. Right before Christmas, I did a major revision to the book. The first fifty pages of the book no longer start the book, they may never appear in any form actually.

The new book starts great, though, and is definitely the book I want to be writing. However, I still haven't connected to the new path mentally. Before i was writing from A to B to C to D, etc. And, now, the book just starts off with no context, the linear structure entirely gone.

So, I know what that means thematically and structurally, but it's no longer the book I was writing. I have no context for sitting down and writing this version yet.

Basically, the book I was writing before is the setting for this book. It is not the linear structure of this book, but purely backdrop.

So, I've been staring at the screen a lot, but know that once I get on this path the book is going to smoke right out of me. Famous last words.

In other news, I did read from the book publicly for the first time, so that was an interesting experience. Went well given my past history of nervous public speaking, that's all but gone.

Reading again in March, hopefully stuff that has yet to be written, so anyone in the Bay Area let me know and I'll give you details.

OK, did enough cutting and pasting for the night. Bed time.