Some Clarifications on the New System [long]

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Ok , Before anyone starts screaming blue murder and favoritism.. ,let me explain how the new system understands data....

By now, I am sure all of you must have heard of something called a 'node'. A lot of the items you will see on this site get referred to by their node id.

The following items are nodes :

  • Blog Entries
  • Images
  • Site
  • Polls
  • Stories
  • Forum Topics

A blog entry is very similiar to a site update on the old oasis, the difference between the personal blog page and the old oasis sites, is your custom URL ( and the ability to customize your navigation block. When the next phase of Oasis launches in the next few weeks , all your blog entries will automagically appear in your site archive.

Of those, you have not 'physically' come across site pages yet.. right? .. wrong!! A site page is a type of node only me and jeff can create .. for static things that shouldn't change.. like the donations page... and the about oasis page, and the Terms & Conditions .. etc.

Anyway , any node can be taken and syndicated to the front page...
so yes, it is one hundred percent possible for someone with the right access to take any node to the front page. (images, blogs, polls, etc....)

The default method for moving content to the front page , is by being submitted to a submission queue , where those with the right admin powers can vote on wether they want things on the front page.

Now , until I disabled it .. all user blogs were being added to the queue.. now what's the problem with this you may ask? Until we can
properly define the different access levels (one of the much vaunted phase 2 targets) the submissions queue is being filled with more stuff than we can work through and vote on..

I disabled the blogs , so that the stuff that is bound by the queue will be able to filter through.. ie : polls mostly .. and secondly.. stories.

I understand that you guys want to have as much exposure as possible .. but let me let you guys into a little secret..

Columns .. as you knew and understood it on the previous site .. have been automated .. and are actually quite a bit better now. Noone can possibly miss out anymore.

The link in the top navigation bar : user blogs .. Contains a list of all the blogs that were updated in reverse chronological order, aswell as the recently updated blogs block in the navigation bar to the right.

Clicking on a user's name.. gives you the option of reading his personal blog and send him messages and whatnot.

The only reason the previous posts were passed by me and jeff, is because otherwise they would probably never have seen the light of day.

Feel free to ask questions .. after all.. I am here to help =)

Oh, and please guys.. understand.. that if you post a story , it will not appear on your personal site when they get debuted in a few weeks time.

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So when do we get our old blog stories back? Or do we?

I need access to them. My stories are only here. I have no physical copies of them anywhere and they are very important to me... :-(

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old blogs...

Do you mean old blog entries you made on *this* site? Or the old site?

Anything on the old site that was up from 12/2001 to 12/2002 is completely lost after a major drive crash. You might still be able to rescure stuff from the cache at Google, but none of it will reappear here automatically.


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i saw it once

and can't find it typical

Adrian, for the unsavvy and unsophisticated internet user, can you tell me again how to link things, like in a hyperlink, on oasis?


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sure babes

A brief introduction to another awesome feature!

'[' + '[' + 'title of the node i want to link to|text i want to link with' + ']' + ']'
'[' + 'image:55' + ']' , where the number is the node_id of the image you want to link to.