The Irony and the Humour.

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Greetings new oasis (or should I say Oasis Neuvo?),

I think it funny that the moment I decided to return to the site back in January of this very year, the site commits suicide- I had but a day's worth of information, nay, a snippet of my life. But if you never had a chance to read that (or anything else of mine) fear not: for you have missed nothing!

The gay group with which I have distanced myself from, seems to have marked me as some sort of social pariah, a plague, an untouchable. Members of this evil devil worshiping cult, um, I mean social gathering of different people- whom I had the misfortune to talk to in the first weeks, and with whom I had often at least exchanged pleasantries with- no longer acknowledge my existence. Pleasantries such as a hello- on my side- is retorted with a glum face and closed mouth. As such, I no longer exchange the friendly Salut's with which I dispense liberally in my social interactions, and they (the homosexuals) also do exchange nothing.

Well, I am not sad, nor depressed as I once was. I have overcome that. You see I have finally realize the truth of human existence: suffering, pain, agony and absurdity. But one should not succumb to such evils and plummet into a depression, rather I laugh. Laugh at its absurdity. You see 'pain begets joy' or 'joy through suffering.'

I am reminded of the New Yorker Cartoon that hangs on my door. A party. A man and woman in conversation. Caption: "I was reading somewhere that all people are stupid."

until next time,

~Baron eTgen von Pfeischielw