The "War on Terror" Is...

...another excuse for U.S. economic imperialism.
74% (28 votes)
...our best defense against a dangerous enemy. (I like to see innocent Iraqi people NUKED!)
5% (2 votes)
...something that the U.N. must decide, even if it means another world war.
21% (8 votes) excellent chance to talk about bringing back the draft!
0% (0 votes)
...something I can blindly trust the president on.
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 38


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Economic Imperialism...

The day an oil man from Texas (no offense to the poor Texans who wisely foisted him on the rest of us to get him the hell outta there) doesn't act solely in his daddy's best interests (that nasty Saddam kicked my daddy's ass so we're gonna NUKE him!), or in the interests of all his little friends, and I'd LOVE to know how much money he has invested in the oil industry... Yah, so, we're gonna go kill lots and lots of people to make the wealthy wealthier... oh wait, the "tax cut" already did that! Gee... okay, so we're basically in Bush Family Vs. Saddam Round 2. Joy. At least the next peace protest in DC is on Valentine's weekend... LOVE THY NEIGHBORS. Hell, I'm not Christian but at least I didn't sleep thru that Sunday School lesson! Wake up George the Second!!! Follow that religion whose values you claim to uphold! Oh wait you are, you're trying to delegalize abortion and dismantle queer rights... blah... America sucks.


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"Economic Imperialism"

If Bush had not waited for the those four planes to crash to wipe out the Taliban, I suspect you'd be writing this very same message about that subject. Shall we wait for Saddam's move?

I mean, seriously, if we waited for him to blow up a building or an aircraft carrier or nuke a city in America--or Isreal--I'm sure the UN would fully support any of Bush's relaliatory actions.

So, whaddya think--is it worth it to wait?

(As for the abortion and queer rights thing, just wait until I'M president, in 2027. [Disregard my name.] I'll take care of everything.)

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but he hasn't done anything

I recently heard on NPR that the likelihood of an attack from Iraq would be increased if the US blew it up again(this american Life "secret governement" Also, Iraq wasn't involved in 911 nor was it involved in USS Cole or the bombings in Africa. In fact, I'm not aware of anything Iraq has done to us, especially not in the last ten years while we were bombing Iraq regularly and imposing sanctions that left 500,00 of its people dead.

The Bush administration says there is a link between Al Queda(sp?) and Iraq but they won't provide any evidence. That Iraq is a major threat, more so than say N. Korea. I find this strange especially since the news tells me that the weapons inspections are working.

When I put this together with the non descript terror allerts and the fact that without 911 Bush would still clearly be a one-term president, I start to think that he's doing all of this to scare the American people into making him (and the republican party) far more powerful that he has any right to be as well as allow him to start taking over the world (succeeding where his daddy failed) in the name of world peace regardless of world opinion.

None of the 911 hijackers were Afghani no one claimed the Taliban was responsible for 911.

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War...very sad!

I see the reasons for the fears. I understand that we as a species of the earth are afraid that one human being could come to power and bring about the sort of destruction that Hitler did...However I'm afraid that the line between maintaining peace and safety in the world is a very thin one...with Imperialism just around the corner, though I don't believe we citizens of America as a whole wish to dominate the world. As long as there is a hatred and unexpressed anger in the world...we will have war in one form or another. My wish would not be for world peace, because I don't believe such a thing to be possible. My wish would be for a way of solving these horrors without creating more horrors ourselves.

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I really can't belive this...

How many of you people can be so dense? Pay attention in History class and you will find out America has never had any need or desire to take control of any country! AND if we wanted to, why would we want to take over a desert wasteland like that! Also, all this crap those liberal democrats are trying to stuff into your minds is B.S. (excuse my language, but you people must be told the truth). Never has democratic politicians ever, I mean, EVER thought about YOU! They think only of themselves, and they lie and cheat to get what they want, and this poll has shown me how deep their lies have clouded your own personal vision. Think for yourselves people, don't let people tell you what to think! You people are glbt's, you are unique, think for yourselves. To me this poll results are sad, very sad.

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what history class did you go to?

I'm not sure where you're from but in my History class I learned about the Spanish-American war to liberate Spain's colonies and place them in American hands. How do you think we have Puerto Rico. They didn't ask to be a non-voting and exploited part of this country. If you don't that as a perfect example of Imperialism, one could possibly look at the Philippines, a country that had to fight two wars at the same time. While they were fighting for idependace from the Spanich they had to fight the Americans to maintain their independance.

If you look at the placement of US military bases around the world you can see moderm imperialsm at work. Watch Bowling for Columbie and you can see references to US imperialism.

Also if you look at America's history with it's own people you can see that it's not exactly as benevolent as many history classes would make it out to be.

Think about the fact that Iraq is a major OPEC nation when you see calls to war. Also, think about the President's last state of the union address.

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Puerto Rico actually had a vote several years ago where they did not want to vote in the elections, i.e. become a state, because doing so would require them to pay taxes. Instead America, simply defends them and let's them do as they please. Is this Imperialism?


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They didn't vote to be annexed

Plus U.S. corporations used Puerto Rico's non state status to bypass environmental protection laws, they pollute freely in Puerto Rico and the for years people have been complaining about the use of Vieques(sp?) as a navy test site. The impression that I get from Puerto Rico outside of tourism is it's use as a US dumping ground and weapons test site. But I haven't really read much about those issues since my history class in high school. I'm sure someone else on this site can talk about it better than I can.

Plus, my impression of the election you were talking about was that the population was torn between those who wanted statehood and those who wanted independence. Plus, if a century or so down the line, a country is so used to being under US control that they don't know what to do next, its not because the US is not imperialistic. If this country were never interested in imerialism then we would never have had cuba, or the Monroe doctrine, or the horrible political cartoons depicting Cuba and Puerto Rico as little gremlin figures to be tamed by a tall muscular white Uncle Sam. I'm pulling this all from 9th grade history so some of the facts may be a little fuzzy but the general idea still keeps.

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I think the navy has pulled o

I think the navy has pulled out of that site...

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another sheep following the crowd......

I think your poll is seriously fucked up and slanted, too bad i'm the only one who has enough guts to say it. Economic Imperialism?? Bullshit bullshit bullshit. Go back to history class honey.

It's enough to make you stop believing when tears come fast and furious in a town called malice!!