~To the Oasis Veterans~

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This is a first time attempt at a graphic...

Yeah, I suck now, I know.

But, I dunno, it's a little thing I did. Anyone like?

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That is wonderfully genius...

That is wonderfully genius... I love it! Hurray to us survivors!

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to all who have survived...

i dont kno how we did it....but we survived...yay for us! hehe....this new setup is gonna take some time getting used to...but who cares...as long as we have oasis back...thats jeff for gettin up again...as for the icon thing...IT KIKS @$$...hehe...i luv it...

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lmao that fukkin rox that's g

lmao that fukkin rox that's goin on my quizblog when there is one. :)

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Anyone who wants this can h

Anyone who wants this can have it up. If you want the address, it's hosted at: http://pub4.picturehost.co.uk/oasisdrought.gif.

Anyone who can improve, please do so.

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i improved it...i think

Here is my take on it...go to http://www.oasismag.com/node.php?id=174 to see it...diamonddog can you tell me how to put pictures on the form.

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Sure thing.

Go to user account. There you will find "signature". Use an image code and copy the address in. Then when you type, it will autmatically be in the comment box.

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For those of us that have no knowledge of html- how do I add this as my signature? and can I put this in my lj? how?

Is there like a site on html for dummies or something?
I want to learn how!

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There is an FAQ for LJ users

There is an FAQ for LJ users and images. Basicly, use the address that I posted instead of a file name. As for here, go to users account and copy:
< img src="http://pub4.picturehost.co.uk/oasisdrought.gif" >
Without the spaces.

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That's really clever!

That's really clever!

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Fo sho!

That's all I wanted to say...

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So, I'm a veteran now? Eee, exciting (ask not why) . . . (it's because I don't know why).

~B~~ ~ ~