wanting any Oasian expertise on digital video cameras

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So today I'm using all my resources to compile as much info as possible...and if anyone is a video equipment expert, then this is my query...

I am looking for a DV camcorder for my boss, and she wants the DV option for focus group interviewing, but she also wants to be able to use a camcorder, where she can take existing footage recorded on VHS and change into DV sort of format so that it can be edited with computer software.

I am a huge techno-neophyte, but is there a way to do this?

I saw a rewiew of a camcorder, the Canon Optura 100MC amd it says "You can transfer video either way -- either to a computer, VCR, or other camcorder, and vice versa. The Optura supports what as known as "analog line-in" to transfer old analog video to MiniDV" is that what I want????? And is this an easy thing to operate. Because if you think my questions are bordering on ridiculous, my boss won't even be able to get this....LOl

So if anyone knows, I'd love to pick your brain, or at least get the language so I can even begin to ask the right questions.


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My advice is to go to a Best Buy or Circuit City and ask people there. DV actually means "digital video" so asking for a DV model is the right step.

Mini tapes are the common thing now. They are mini compared to the huge full VHS tapes. When you get the camera, it should have a transfer cable so you can play footage on your TV. I had to buy a seperate fire wire to get footage onto my computer.

I would talk to a professional about you needs. I don't know too much about newer models. Mine is a year old now, but I have found it very dependable. Canon is a good make, in my humble opinion.

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whew! thanks for the input.

whew! thanks for the input. going to go talk to a sales dude now.