Whilst Oasis Died

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Whilst Oasis died, Ive been using my livejournal. Its the only thing thats keeping me going with my daily non gay rants. I wont be posting that link in here, since its "friends" only to keep it personal.

Just recently, my ex friend of 3 years came into the limelight and chatted me up shortly. Three years of our friendship faltered almost a year ago with her gay threats just because she couldnt have me. From the very begining, I made it clear to her that I am gay, period. I thought she took it so well and I was obviously blinded by this. Three years later, she choosed to pitch in fag threats. So anyway, she supposely said that she missed me alot, and she wants me to forgive her and be her friend again. Of course I couldnt forgive her. Of course I thought we could be friends, but only time would tell. I wasnt going to trust her again, or be her friend right away. I created this white lie as a test if she was being a perfect christian as she supposely be. I told her a lie that I was seeing a guy and that we were thinking about getting seriouse "getting married". She then said WELL IM GLAD YOU FOUND SOMEBODY, BUT I DONT THINK I:LL BE TALKING TO YOU AGAIN. Poofs she disapears. So the test was definate that she only wanted me back, in hope for me to be her boyfriend. In your dreams honey! So no hard feelings, I knew this was going to happen again and I refuse to let it happen again. The cycle ends here!

College life is just grand, english and math can never be better. Increasly my life has become a bit more fusterating each day. But im still alive!!! I am contemplating if I would rather return to RIT, or attend Central Michigan University in my state. RIT has a deaf community which would be a great benefit. And its clear out to New York!!! Not that I mind, the community sucks but I;ll be concentrating on my major.

Well thats it for today. Tata