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i've never blogged before. i just signed up for oasis a few weeks ago and have been avidly reading the blogs and occasionally visiting the forums, but never posting.

As for not being straight, i realized that i for sure wasn't straight about 4 months ago. The thought had already crossed my mind in the months before, and at one point in those few months before i thought i was bisexual, but then i got really confused and considered myself questioning instead. But now, i'm finally sorting it out more. i know i'm attracted to girls, more so than guys i think, but i'm not sure where i stand with guys. I'm giving it some time and eventually i'll know more of where i stand in the scheme of things. For now, i'll focus on the females :).

I love reading about homosexual relationships and coming out stories (seeing as i have neither had a relationship, nor officially come out as anything, i enjoy having some vicarious experience), so if anyone knows of a good source online for either, i'd love to see it. Thanks!


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Don't worry, we'll be gentle.

It's possible that I read too many webcomics.

Habit is the ballast that chains a dog to his vomit. - Samuel Beckett

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Some more sources.

Young Gay America - It's a site where these guys go across the country and visit small towns and interview GLBTTI kids and hear their stories. It's a really great site.

Coming Out Stories - As its name implies.

Gay, Lesbian, Straigh Education Network - The organization that brought GSA's into being. Other neat stuff here too.

Mogenic - Don't know too much about this. It has an international appeal though. Haven't seen it updated much lately. Free e-mail too.

If you are legally inclined:
Lambda Legal - Specializes in gay rights.

Human Rights Campaign - The largest gay rights campaign that has a strong Washington DC presence.

American Civil Liberties Union - They specialize in civil liberties.

That's all I can think of for now. Look forward to seeing some of your posts.