a little info on me

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hmmmm....Well i am really fucked up. I have scars on my writs from when i couldn't handle the pian inside. I wanted to hurt myself even more i stopped eating and lost 12 pounds in 2 months. I have a really fucked up realationship with my parents. And i fucked up my realationship with the only person in the world who i thought truly cared about, and the wrost part is i know i am the one who fucked it up. I really just want it all to go back to when i wasn't fucked up, when i loved my parents, when they loved me.
how about some info on me besides the fucked up stuff....well i am gay(I hate the word lesbain) i came out to my parents and it was one of the most painful experiences of my life, it hurts so much just to think about it. I am out to pretty much everyone except my brother and extened family.
oh yeah and just from some recent experiences i know have this huge fear of getting close to people, becasue it seems when i tell em how much i care for them i get rejected and pushed away, but maybe thats my fault...just thinking about all this shit makes me wanna go out and cut...so i probobly should stop writing/thinking about it.


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soph, i love you so, so much!

soph, i love you so, so much! you mean so much to me...please dont think about anything that hurts...lets put it all behind us!

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yeah lest do that, it is not

yeah lest do that, it is not pretending like it never happened, just never bringing it back up...lol, we have only got one life, so you and me have to go out and live it. No i dea why i just wrote that, but i feel it fits well...dude in music today that was scray as hell!