A trip to Best Buy.

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So today I went to Best Buy to pick up my copy of Queer as Folk season two on DVD.

I know, I know, Queer as Folk is trashy now blah blah blah, Showtime is taking homosexual money and spitting in our faces blah blah blah, Best Buy is the devil blah blah blah fishcakes, but they had the cheapest sale price in Sunday's paper and I don't have Showtime, so off I went.

I made my way through the ick of straight people and found the Television section of the DVDs. There it was, in all its homosexual glory, smiling back at me through the shrink-wrap.

I grabbed it and made my way to the front, where, in typical Best Buy style, there were only two registers open for the eleven trillion people in line.

I eventually found myself about four customers away from the cashier. Whoever was in front tried to argue with the cashier that she had shortchanged him, which grated on my patience a little. The debate over seven cents having ended, some lady bought a CD.

Now I was second in line, behind two boys who were buying those optical computer mice (that's the plural of 'mouse,' right? Because the rules are the same even for the computer one, aren't they?).

For some reason, there was hella paperwork attached to purchasing these peripherals, and I was tired of holding the DVD (not that it was heavy; I'm just lazy.) so I set it on the end of the counter as I waited for them to complete their purchases.

One of the boys saw my DVD and snickered a little. He nudged his friend, who also snickered when he saw what I was buying. They got their receipt and scampered out the door. (For the sake of this entry, we're going to assume they were laughing about the general homosexual content of the material as opposed to the rumored drop-off in quality during the show's second season.)

Here's what's important about this story. A year ago, if this had happened, I might have made it to the parkig lot before bursting into tears. But now, I just felt sorry for those boys and their ignorance.

I am proud to be able to walk into Best Buy and come out with Queer as Folk. I am proud to walk into Barnes & Noble and come out with the latest XY.

I find pride in the fact that, two years ago, I would have been one of those snickering boys. I find pride in the fact that, one year ago, I finally found the support I needed to come to terms with myself.

I find pride in the fact that now I have no question about the definition of the phrase 'gay pride.'


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