a valediction forbidding morning [sic]

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1. A list of the dead, or a register of obitual anniversary days, when service is performed for the dead.
2. An account of persons deceased; notice of the death of a person, often accompanied with a brief biographical sketch of his character.
~from the Webster


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Done with the work of breathing; done
With all the world; the mad race run
Though to the end; the golden goal
Attained and found to be a hole!

~Squatol Johnes

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...is fucking brilliant.

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don't be daft it's not depressed me in the slightest!

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Wow ..

this is so poignent and touching , that i am speechless.


As much as I love my acid, there are times when taking a very potent psychedelic is more trouble than it's worth. I am glad you came out somewhat unscathed though.

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I am not the one with the story to tell dear Holly. This is amazing.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone. I appreciate it.