Adam and Steve

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There are ripples in the water
From when they froliced under the sun
There are imprints on the sand
That their feet walked upon
There is a trail in the forest
Where the twigs are bent down at rest
There is a meadow in the clearing
Where the lovers will be put to a test
There is a bible,there is an alter, there is a knife,and a rope
What is going on? Will this end with no hope?
The man opens the bible and says a little prayer
He takes the knife in his hand as he yells and swears
He takes the now bloodied rope and bounds his lovers's hands
He cries with his grief and throws himself upon the now dead man
"Was this what god wanted? Was this his plan?"
He picked up the body and placed it on the alter
He lit a match and crackled with laughter
"Im burning my love god this is for you!
I want to go to heaven god, will this act of repentence do?
I love u lord and no other man!
I will see you one day god,I know its true
Please forgive me god
I love you"


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amy babes ..

you rock ..

i just love all your poems *hugs*

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thanks adrian. you made me feel special :P

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you put my subconscious mind in words. keep writing, maybe you can read it to me sometime, it'd sound even more real if i hear your voice attached to it.

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amy , i do believe you are getting hit on. *grin*