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is my hero.


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he's mine too. what a coincidence.

177 His Royal Highness's Road, Garden Apartment

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he's my backup plan

Adrian isn't my hero, per say. But in the event that JB keeps mutilating his genitals while grooming and, in doing so, removes all possibilities of filling the turkey baster for me...well, I would definitely not hesitate to ask Adrian if he would do the masturbatory honours.

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Jules: As of 3:15 pm Atalantic standard time, my boys are now frozen in a liquid nitrogen tank at a fertility clinic in my city. no worries there, and form now on i highly doubt I will be harming the Big brother.

and I would also like to remind everyone that it was ME infact who invented Fabulon. Adrian is merely the one who wears the ceremonial Boa.


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as historian

My records reflect that JB is the actual founder, and that Adrian does infact hold possession of the ceremonial boa.

On your sperm: I'm very relieved to hear that, JB. Keep the catalogue number handy.