Advice, por favor? Bitte? Please?

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As re a late article, I informed you of my social pariahhood (yes I now it's not a word, but it sounds cool) from the homosexual community. However, life generally sucks donkey eye-balls now. So question?

Which of the three should I do?

1) Should I return back to the group, be ridiculed and made a mockery of and create what amounts to nothing short of a civil war where the sides are fairly uneven: 35 (perhaps?) to one (me)? And if I return, how should I act? Suggestions? Por favor?


2) Should I AIM some of the people I now are gay and attempt to fix amends. Granted, here is the dilemma: I have two gay guy's AIM sn's, and one is the devil incarnate (chopin) the other (bach) who manipulated yours truly into sleeping with him when I had just met. And if I choose curtain number two, how should I engage the conversation: "hey remember me..."? Suggestions, Bitte.

OR, perhaps...

3) Should I email a gay guy whom I have NEVER met (well not true I may have met him once when I went to the horrible meeting of le homo's (sorry French speakers)), but have a, well- dare I say, sorta a thing for. Now granted, this guy is not hot stuff as one has come to expect every gay man in the world to be he just seems interesting. Also, I know really nothing about this guy- history, from whence he came, past, or present b/f. So If I choose curtain three, how should I email him: "HI, I've seen you at the dining hall and want you." Perhaps to crass. Suggestions? Please?

OR, finally, Perhaps I..

4) Should accept my life as a meaningless quest for nothing. Laugh a lot at the stupid people in the world, but secretly want to be loved and to love? Suggestions? Perhaps I bit too depressing?

I like lists, and I have just made one. Which would you do, reasons? How would you do it? Suggestions? Consider this as some sort of test. Please post answers below.

and all that jazz,


P.S. Please accept this delicious Mars bar as completing this small test. I hope that you did not take up too much of your time, and remember to throw away the wrapper in the proper bin. Thanks.

An apology is extended also for the previous entry which was silly and cathartic. Please ignore, or read and laugh. Or laugh, ignore and read. Which ever you prefer.


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Poor advice from a loveless heartless cynic

I say this: screw the Homosexual community [not literally of coarse, that would require an oddly shaped screw driver.] They aren't your friends, yes? They want you to conform to their standards, yes? There standards are things you are not too keen on, yes? So I say
stand up, be and individual, and refuse to go to their exclusive club for non-heterosexuals. [heh heh, "be and individual, do as I say!!!"]

The great conundrum for individualistic homosexuals is that they want companionship with other homosexuals for petty biological reasons. The only way to find mates is to go to some ridiculous group that tells you how to act which is anathema to us individualists. So the chances of meeting another gay fellow [or dame if you're female] who is worth your time at such a meeting is slim; and because, at least in my experience, homosexuals who don't bow down to group mentality are tricky to spot out of the general population your chances are not so great outside of the group either.

If its physical lust, and only lust, that you are searching to fullfill then perhaps the group would be a good idea, but I fear that if you want anything more then that then you are out-of-luck. If you want a worthwile relationship then I think the best option would be either to try the new guy [option #3] or try nothing [option #4] but keep your eyes open.

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well, I'm not exactly a social butterfly

But for what it's worth, I agree with the previous comment. Fuck the community. My school's reformulated group (for GLBTQAXQ women, figure that one out for me? gay/les/bi/trans/queer/asexual/intersexed/questioning?) met for the first time tonight, and I wasn't about to attend. No fucking way. I too am a bit of a pariah -- part of this is my shyness, my reluctance to be political, etc etc.

Can you get off campus to meet people? University is such an isolating environment. It's important to try and develop a social life -- a decidedly gay social life -- outside of it, I think. (Location helps, but surely even a relatively small town has to have some autonomous queer life?)


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Here goes... JB dispenses yet mor funny advice...

Well, My Etgen, My pressious....

YOur fellow Social outcast has arrived on the scene. MAke the best of it. The queers at the meetings probably just don't understand you... and if thats not the case.. then they are really out to ruin you socially.

I think several or all of your options would work

1) Return to the meetings, sit off to the side of in the shadows. quietly, they in most cases would not publically harass you there.

2)hrm... The IM bit... you could have fun and msg BAch all the time tryig to make awkward post seduced sex talk. at the very least it would put him on the spot... The dvil incarnate? well there is certainly advantages of having him on your side, he could do all your dirty work for you :)

3) yeah, the mystery man whom you fancy from afar, those are the best long distance relationships around. Sure send him an email, or at the next meeting of the queers just walk up and say "hey I think yer hot and want to shag you" whats to lose? yer already an outcast ;)

4) Meaningless quest for nothing? no, yer life is not meaningless, you will forever be known as the ebay lego shopper associate in my books ;)

at the very least, muck it up, life is a game, play by your own rules!


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not an effing clue, m8, soz.

ebay lego shopper?

big love 2 u buddy and respect on the lego front!