And, i've arrived.

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So i've been visiting Oasis for like forever? It's been a few years at least, but i've never signed up. Well, I finally did it. Yay. Ok, anyways. About myself? Oh ok.

I'm a 21 year old white guy that goes to college. Is that it? No, i'm a huge band dork. Huge. It's embarrasing. No, I have no stories about band camp. Actualy I do, and they are quite funny! But I just really, REALLY hate that joke. Oh, yeah, i'm also bi. I always considered myself gay before, but lately i've been meeting many girls that hath sparked my interest in the opposite sex. Call me Benedict Arnold =p

I've always been really super secretive about myself, but as of late i've not cared to much. I'm pretty sick of hiding. I'm out to a select few people that I know, all very accepting of it. It's kinda funny, whenever I've told people, they just drop their jaw. Let's just say i'm not even the slightest bit flaming. Which i'm glad, cause, well, i really dont go for that (no offence =p).

Anyways, little more about me. Played football since 4th grade. Started on offence/defence. Not special teams, too slow =p

Music has always been a huge factor in my life. I was a music major for a while but decided against it. I also sing a little bit. Music is my escape from everything.

So I guess i'll wrap this up and stuff. Maybe i'll even start writing in it! I keep my own journal on my computer of more personal crap that no one would be interested in, but i guess that's what this is for :P



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Welcome to the family

*Big Non-Sexual (hey, I'm a dyke) Hug*