Aqua - Marine Blue

Stardust Lime's picture

The waves crashing against the shore
make me wish you were here
enjoying the sounds they make with me.
Whoosh! Crash!
Each explosion a reminder of your absence.
Millions of tiny rivulets
carved into the sand by the hand of Force,
mesmerize me.
I long to pick this scene up
in my hand
and send it to you in a package,
wrapped tightly in a ribbon.
Only you could untie the ribbon,
because opening the package
would release a rushing torrent of beauty.
Beauty that only you could handle and understand.
You would set free a madly blazing sun,
beating the smell out of the baking sands and the turbulent seas,
with the power that only something so distant can possess.
The scent, the heat, the noise would dance through you,
freeing your spirit from your body.
You would drift with the tide
and swim inside every fish,
until you found your way to me.
It would not take long.
The whispers of starfish
would remind you where I am,
where I have always been.
Here, under this madly blazing sun,
I am aware of the memories of every grain of sand,
and I wait for you.
there comes about a shift in the flirtatious sea breeze,
as it betrays your presence here.
I always knew
I would only have to wait here for all of forever,
drenched by the salty air,
until you allowed yourself to return.
Our reunion, for now, my heart can only dream up,
as my mind refuses to forget the limitations of a human hand
and my heart continues to insist that
everything is possible
on the steaming sands
of the realm of love.