Are we born gay?

Yes, no doubt about it.
36% (30 votes)
I think so, but I'm not sure, as it took me a long time to realise that I am!
31% (26 votes)
I don't think so, but I don't think it can be changed.
17% (14 votes)
Gay people are, but bisexuals can choose.
2% (2 votes)
Everyone's sexuality is fluid and based on our choices.
14% (12 votes)
Total votes: 84


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How could bisexuals choose? I would not have chosen this. Or maybe I would have... for a few days. There have been way too many nights of tossing in bed with angst; way too many times that I've overanalyzed myself and believed that I was a phoney, resulting in a profound sense of self-hatred.

I was born a queer and will forever remain a queer.

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*hugs Lauren* Sheesh I have a terrible habit of replying to dead topics... how silly.

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Sticky area in which I am bound to fuck up.

If you define you sexuality based on sexual attraction, then I don't think that you have a choice in the being gay factor, however, you do have a choice to lead a gay life. Not all people acknowledge and live gay (which I know leads into a lifestlye argument...and is problematic).

What if you don't base you sexual orientation primarily on sexual attraction? I dunno. Just working that one out myself.


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Biology vs. Environment

What if we have a biological/genetic disposition to homosexuality and at some point something in our environment triggers this latent homosexuality?

The first time a can recall thinking I might be gay was after watching the movie Philadelphia when I was about twelve years old - the only time I have seen it, by the way. The movie hardly portrays homosexuality in happy, upbeat light. Regardless, watching that movie I think caused me to question my sexuality.


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the two arn't mutually exclusive, perhaps.

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nature vs. Nurture

I tend to lean more towards the nature end of the spectrum in most issues concerning the way people are. Whether it be sexuality, intelligence, or evilness. People are born with a genetic code, and I believe that code is to to be credited more than our environment for the things that we do. I mean if a kid goes and steals it could be that his family is poor and needs food or money or whatever, but something in him had to make him be able to do that. Blaming ones environment or upbringing for the things that we do is a cop out I think. I mean yes, it may have been a factor, but not moreso than a persons innate self.