Attraction or Admiration? -and- Girls as Friends?

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As I've slowly become more aware of the possibility that any of the girls I know could be more with me, I've almost wished that my feelings had remained obscure. When the dance teacher comes close to me to show me where my position on the stage will be, I can smell her sweet perfume and am thinking about how attractive she is. I looks at the beautiful asian girls in my class and almost feel sad as I realize how nice they look. So then I started wondering: What's the different between simply admiring a woman's beauty - and feeling jealous - and being... turned on by what one sees? I think I intuitively know the answer to this, but whenever it comes to sexuality issues I second-guess myself.

Considering myself bisexual has forced me to redefine sexuality and dating-and-relating as I had previously understood it to be (which I guess can explain why it took me so long to get off Square One of Denial and actually believe that maybe my conceptions of sexuality weren't complete). Once, on the old Oasis, Riley and JJ said that bisexuals have no friends. That's a sad thought, and I'm afraid of how true it just may be.

What do you think?


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They might have a point...

The trouble I find with bisexuality is theres always the posibility. Anyone I run into who isn't a kid but isn't crazy-old instantly becomes a posiblity. Even old friends, or people that are just so imposible its not even funny, on some level I can't let my gaurd down with really anyone, becuase you just never know, you know?

Did that make any sense? Its way to late for this...

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yes, it made sense. that's what's... kinda sad about the whole thing - sometimes, at least. you know what i mean?

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The more i get to know myself

The more i get to know myself, the more genuine i can be. Being genuine and comfortable in my own skin feels great and is very attractive. I would like to think the same for everyone else. If you're looking for answers, you might want to start by asking yourself some reasonable questions. "What ways do I not know myself?" "What perspectives of me am I ignorant?"
It seems to me you have the knowledge and opportunity to reach your goals, but not the discipline. How do you get there? That is something you will have to figure out yourself. Allow things to come in time, go after what you want and don't be afraid to take risks.