Bitter Fate

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hands hold me close
so I cannot be spwept away from you
words charm my heart
so that I begin to fall in love with you
no, I've already fallen
and this cliff is a sheer rock face
there is nothing to catch myself on
then again, I don't know if I want to be caught
this ecstasy, this warmth
they are not undesireable
Yet, I should not have let
your hands hold me close
or your words steal my heart
for I cannot have you
oh bitter fate
never looking my way
I dream of you
I dream of being with you
I wish it could be


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I never know what to put in these blessed things....

Distance sucks. I think we should bye a street and move everyone who shouldn't live so far away's houses on to it, and then everyone would be happier. But what should we name our street... *ponders*