Black flip-flops from Old Navy

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Well, I was out at the mall with my friends and bought some black flip flops from Old Navy for .50 as well as a little boys shirt in size 5 because I thought it looked cute on me. It occured to me I really need to get my driver's license. I'm 18, this is ridiculous now. TOMMOROW, I WILL call the DMV and make an appointment.

Did you know the Divinyls video for "I Touch Myself" was filmed at my school? And, the opening action sequence for "Executive Decision" and the school in "The Princess Diaries" as well as another million films? I find amusing when I recognize my place of schooling on TV. It's...vicarious fame I suppose.

I have an official statement for the record:

Just because you're a lesbian does not mean you must go out and grow a mullet. I'm not even going to limit this to lesbians. Mullets should be extinct.

Now, I know I'm a huge Bowie fan, and that Bowie did have a mullet in the 70s during the Ziggy days. It was a spiked mullet and it was dyed red. He did this for the purpose of looking "other worldly". And Angie made him do it anyway. It doesn't look good. It looks the opposite of good. Bad.


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Blondie wrote the original "I touch myself," correct? I'm curious.

Habit is the ballast that chains a dog to his vomit. - Samuel Beckett

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I Touch Myself

The band Blondie wrote and recorded lots of cool songs, but this isn't one of them.

"I Touch Myself" was recorded by the Divinyls. It was written by Christine Amphlett, Tom Kelly, Mark McEntee and Billy Steinberg and was released in 1990.



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If you're ever on Jeopardy, remind me to bet a lot of money on you to win.


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Bless you.

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Yer own City

I find it weird seeing my city in in the many movies that were filmed here, Titanic, K-19, The Shipping News, Christmas shoes and many others, and right now the Martha Stewart movie is being filmed here, right in my very neighborhood! it most certainly odd.

So long And Thanks For All The Fish!

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mullets and movies

Lets see... I watched them film Spider-Man here a couple of years ago, and Ghostbusters was filmed in part in the stacks of the library, and we get Law and Order pretty regularly, or we did...

I had a near-mullet last summer that I kind of liked, and I had a bit of a crush on a girl whose hair made a friend of mine wince every time she saw her. I still think it wasn't that bad, but I've been told I just don't have the ability to judge hair :-) It may be a widespread affliction amongst lesbians. I keep waiting for them to do a survey or something.


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Another victim to The Great Lesbian Haircut Conspiracy .


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Bless you.

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Thank you! *Achoo*

Thank you!