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I can't explain it. At all. I am a bisexual twelve year old, and I just can't help thinking, "Why the hell haven't I came out yet?". I haven't come out to a single person, except for a few of my friends on other forums... Yet, I know that if I come out to my friends, I'll end up getting my ass handed to me by... 10-some people. I do not blame them (my friends) at all for being homophobic. They're mature enough to understand what bisexuality is, but not "mature, mature", at least enough to truly accept it, but hey, what twelve year old isn't? "Why not come out to your parents?" Plain and simple, fear of being shut out of their lives until (IF) they start to understand, with my helo of course.

I don't want to come out to anyone right now, but I don't know, because I'll end up blurbing it out in the wrongest of places, and then it's boom, back to stage two, getting my ass handed to me. Sadly, I live in a hick town, so it isn't really my friends' fault at all, if they never truly accept me for who I am, because their parents are the worst role models, at least to me, because they nearly encourage sexuality-based hate.

I just want help, and advice on what to do.

PS: Happy Valentine's Day, although it's not really a happy one for me. :/


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there's no rush

I've got about ten years on you, darlin', and I just wanted to remind you.... no rush. Come out when you feel ready, when you feel comfortable, and when you feel strong enough to stand up to the inevitable scrutiny. At twelve, your parents may feel like you don't know yourself well enough to be certain about your sexuality. I'm not saying that that's true -- just that they may point to your youth and inexperience and tell you that you "can't" know this yet. You may well be older than twelve internally or mentally, but to your parents, you really are just twelve. If you decide to talke to them, then I wish you the best of luck! Just think it through first.