Blogging is addictive...

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I wonder why people like to blog?

Here, there is the group of WONDERFUL and SUPPORTIVE people and mainly we elp one another with specific issues, mainly how to be gay and happy.

However, in general, I wonder. I have a livejournal. And a deadjournal.

Do I suffer from some kind of exhibitionism by the fact I have no problem sharing intimate details of my personal life to strangers? I give my deadjournal out to people in the "real world" where as my live journal is more personal. Here, I have the link on my profile on AIM.

Maybe it's just the anonymity of the internet that drives us. I don't know.

In other gay issues, I have the lesbianation desktop calender and my mom did one of her, "I'm not going to ask any questions I don't want the answer to" type of deals. Interesting.

Then in a debate with my father over "Is Clinton really evil?" I brought up the fact that he instituted the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy to which my father says, "If you were a mother, would you want your son in the trenches with those 'don't ask, don't tell' boys?"

It's times like this I know that my father is never going to have an epiphany and realize it doesn't matter. Not unless he can't escape the fact it sits across from him at the dinner table. And that makes it my responsibility to be strong in who I am so that one more person might learn that it's just a preference, nothing more.


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Thank You, DD! I find it ver

Thank You, DD! I find it very encouraging and heartwarming to read your thoughts. Thank you for sharing them. Jason

Gone to find myself, If I get back before I return...Please keep me here!