Buffy is done

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Yes, my dear friends

Our favorite blonde who likes to stake things with bumpy foreheads will be leaving us. After this season is the demise of the hit show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. One more tv show with homosexuality in it gone....


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In May

Buffy the Vampire Slayer will be laid to rest in the grave soon. Their world are supposely siad to be ended. Who knows, she probally died and the potential slayer will probally take over the series.

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Have a little Faith

Actually, Eliza Dushku is in talks for a Faith Spin-off. James Marsters and Brendan (can't remember his last name, but Xander) and a few other cast members have signed on to the idea. It's being pitched to UPN first, if not that, then WB. She'll be making a return this next week to Angel then they'll probably crossover..Who do you think is controling Angel's The Beast? Probably The First.

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i should have been able to see it coming, as soon as i finally start watching a show, and LOVE IT, (well willow and such at least), IT LEAVES!!!! if you havent guessed, i am definitly NOT happy about this new information. lol, it was just last month that i started watching it, and this month that i came out to my frineds as a buffy lover. *sigh*

dorky - i know- but who isnt?

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Truth is....

I stopped watching when Tara died...i know, pathetic.

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Bye bye Buffy :(

You can always catch the old eps on FX. Six seasons worth should keep you busy for awhile! The Willow and Tara episodes are the best anyways. :) And maybe there'll be a good spin-off too!