Can we do this.......please?

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Believe me Rod Blagoijevich will be getting my letter soon. ;-)


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I hear that several congresmen are trying to forbid the President from declaring war at the present time [as we all remember the right to declare war belongs to the legislature, not the executive.] Legaly the President CANNOT declare war [of cource we have not had an official "war" since the end of WWII] but congress typicaly lets him anyways. I'm glad to see that at least some of them are actually trying to assert themselves.

By the way if you wanna see something really scary go here

this is a sight set up by many of the conservatives in the Bush administration, and it is VERY creepy. They want to militrise space people...SPACE. They're not just talking about a phony baloney misile defence sheild [althought that is BS as well] they're talking about SPACE MARINES!!! Click on "statment of Principles" at the top the the page, you'll see a eerie overview of their designs, and a list of contribiturs to the project, see how many of them you recognise.

I think it would be a great Idea to impeach that jerk, and more importantly his even worse cronies.