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Today was a day that will go down in History! Well not techinically, but YES in my book it will. I went to CASTRO, the hub of the gay community in the Bay Area. I'd been dying to go there, since God knows when and today I finally gathered up the courage to walk through the entire town. It was captivating, no it was surreal. My hands were sweaty and I was jittery, because I'm a complete and utter closet case, although I have to admit that I was on the lookout, for LESBIANS/BI's. It was a fish market, an ideal queer utopia indeed.


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Montreal District

I rember my first time going to the Montreal Gay area, It was August 18th 1998. My one year coming out aniversary. I had been givin time off and was set loose on my own in the city! It was sureal, for lack of a better word. It is indeed oaccasions like this that we will rember forever. one of our first queer milestones!


So long And Thanks For All The Fish!

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i think im jealous!

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reminds me of..

my first time at pride, two years ago. I was ecstatic afterwards, too. :-)


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WAaah! I love the Castro :).

WAaah! I love the Castro :). When I went with my dad, a waitress started flirting with me lol

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I live in the Castro...

Lots of interesting things to see around these parts. Of course, it stopped being surreal some time ago.


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i live in the castro too

hehe the castro rocks, i live there i have been hanging out there since i was just a wee one!