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Perhaps I spoke too soon. Today, Tuesday I've run into difficulty. I sat at the black table at dinner and had nice conversation with a friend. I had no choice but to eat and upon entering the dining hall, I had to sit at the table or risk shunning the community that I've come to find myself a willing and happy member of so I could go sit alone somewhere.

Sometimes I'm able to sit and listen to everyone else's business. This time I saw my friend at the table, she's bisexual, I'll call her, :-), she's the only other queer freshman who is active in the black community (but the other is slowly coming around). We talked about stuff and it was good but I fear it went against the concept of what I was going for and may mean a shortened life for my little experiment.

Right now, I'm headed to workshop. I love workshop. It's politlical and its community and it has inherent social value(I won't be explaining it further). I couldn't miss workshop or I fear I will truely loose something special. With that said I wonder about the strength of my experiment.