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that's all i need to do now.

chill, play ultimate mortal kombat 3 , and read harry potter.

in case you weren't aware .. my arcade stick arrived.. such a fun toy.. been playing street fighter all week.

Well , fare thee well as i mince off into the sunset and go get some well deserved _sleep_


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!!!! WEEE!!!! OH MY GOD! I love you!!! Harry Potter is quite possibly the closest thing to a god I have!!!! ANd YAY street ifghter! YAY YOU!!! GO YOU!!! WOO HOOOO!!!!

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yeah , me and housemate finished double dragon last night .. next i think we are going to tackle the golden axe series.

I forgot how much fun these old games were *G*

I am having a beat-em-up night with a few friends tonight.. playing mortal kombat (2 , i think .. my favorite) and Marvel vs Capcom and Super Street Fighter 2 (tournament edition) round-robin.

The games available for Mame :

~3000 arcade games.