Crashes And Crushes

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So I finally got my password and am back and blogging... and am so glad for that too!

Anyway... I really need some input here from all you good people.

The situation's not really new. Those of you who read my site at the former incarnation of Oasis (the late may have noticed a few passing mentions about someone who I suspect is somewhat interested in me. Then again, if you followed my postings and never saw a thing like that, you can probably be excused as well. I've a habit of brushing things like that aside as a figment of my imagination when there's nothing really concrete to back it up.

By the way, for those of you who know: yep I'm still with Sara. Woo-hoo!! :)

So this is still how it stands between myself and Wynne. She's an old friend really, and yeah I'm quite comfortable around her. But I guess it's the sheer amount of physical contact that's been happening lately, that gets me a bit worried here. I'm not freaking out or anything because of it, but I think I should be doing something about it before it ends up hurting anyone. Things that complicate matters:
a) I'm not out to her
b) Sara's not out to her
c) I guess I don't mind coming out to her
d) but if I do, it's gonna be difficult not to out Sara as well
e) I don't want to get Wynne's hopes up either
f) I don't really know what Wynne thinks of all this gay stuff; even if she is, she's far from out.
g) All this might really be a product of my wonderful imagination after all.

But on the other hand I guess I know what it must feel like to have a crush on someone... and a gay crush at that, when you really haven't an idea how the other person is going to react. In that sense I want to help ease things a bit instead of stubbornly ignoring it. But what do you do when someone's crushing on you??

Oh by the way there's something else I need help with. If any of you for any reason has copies of anything I posted on pre-crash Oasis I'll be eternally grateful if you could share them with me... all this being on the move means that I don't have one fixed place in which I can safely store stuff like that. As a result I didn't back a single thing up and it's all gone now. So if you happen to have any of my stuff, please get in contact with me! The address is tenfingers at bigfoot dot com.