Crashing Hardcore...

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Today was the second full day of vacation and it was great. We visited the Holly Wood Cemetery in Richmond and afterward had a get together at the house. I got a small tuft of hair in the front bleached and the watched Rose Red. Excellent made for TV movie. After that it's been nothing but listening to music and taking pictures of everyone getting their hair colored. One of these nights I'll have to see if anyone wants their nails done.

Picked up some cough medicine tonight, so hopefully if won't be another sleepless night. Tomorrow were talking about a movie. I'm holding out for the new one with Colin Farrell.

I was offered a room to rent down here, and I'm actually considering it. I think it would be great. I'm going to give it some more thought though before I make any drastic changes. That would be a big move for me, though I'm sure it would be great for me. Well I'm off to find an empty room to crash in where I won't be disturbed. Have a great one! Jason


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colin farrell

*shiver*colin farrell*shiver*

I want that man so badly .. =)

Which new one ? Daredevil is starting on valentines day (and it looks like it is going to FUCKING ROCK!)

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The Recruit

The new movie is called The Recruit...I think it release here in the states last Friday...can't wait to see it, but I think they're going to go see something different so I'm going to stay in and just write and sleep...My body is simply being devastated by all this EXCESS thats been going on for the last four days, and its not going to let up till Thursday. Then I'll have three days to detox and recover for work. Mantras, Meditation, Incense, and a hell of alota Green Tea...LOL!

Gone to find myself, If I get back before I return...Please keep me here!