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What the hell is this shit
Whos hand is this
Where did the skin come from
Why is it connected to me

Blind, the walls, stare

Floating, lost, dead

My body...

It isnt mine
No feeling
Voices, Voices.. no im not making them up
I see the people, the people talking
I can see everything
And hear, I can hear the laughing
No feeling...Im moving... im walking
blindly... i cant fucking feel myself moving

I dont need to
I know the truth
The truth... They are the ones that dont know
My mind is sharp


Over and over

Dig, make it real

See the marks

Blood, blood

Relax, Sleep, dream

Guilt, insane,

....But I kept myself alive
and tomorrow I will try to
not to surrender
be strong
fight it


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I guess being realistic can b

I guess being realistic can be scary and enhance the pain. Living in a fool's paradise, might not be such a bad idea after all amez. luv ya 2 bits.

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i really dont know why i do it. cutting at tiome though, its a nice release, but i dont fucking know why i do it. i wish i didnt. i wish i had someone to stop me.

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i think only you can stop your self.