Did anyone read that horrible article in Rolling Stone

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It was about a frightening sub-culture of HIV negative men actively seeking out the HIV viruses, calling themselves "bug chasers" and the positive men are called "gift givers". The article portrays this as a growing, wide-spread significant phenomenon. It says that 25 percent of all newly infected gay men are purposefully seeking HIV. My god, Rolling Stone is a respected magazine, and now even they are spewing homophobic and HIV-phobic drivel, arming potential Jerry Falawells that will undoutably paint all gays with the same brush. The article is discredited on http://www.msnbc.com/news/863259.asp?0cv=CB20 , but it still disturbs me.

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That article was biased. It made it seem like all gay men were out to get infected.

"It says that 25 percent of all newly infected gay men are purposefully seeking HIV."

How did they compile their statistics? Maybe you should read how a gay conservatie responded to it:

Sex- and death-crazed gays play viral Russian Roulette!

Remember, this is the Rolling Stone we're talking about here, not Scientific American or the New York Times. I used to subscribe to the Stone for the music news, not my living news. You should get your information from a more related source. Would you read Home & Gardens to find out about cancer studies?

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Yeah, I know...

But it still pisses me off that a semi-respectable magazine would publish that crap. Rolling Stone isn't the National Enquiror, after all. And nieve readers and gay bashers might actually believe that drivel.

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This pisses me off too:

What really bugs me about the "bug chasers" article is that the media put it up as a headline story on Fox News and MSNBC. It got on the Orielly Factor, Hannity & Colmes, and Hardball.

But when the discrediting info came about, we only got a side bar article that one could only see from a link on the front page of the stations' websites.

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I JB, have a confession to make. I am a Bug Chasser. I cannot help it, I cannot live in fear of being found out... I have been activel seeking out the Ebola Virus for 4 years now. I just happen to be Gay aswell. Please, maybe an article should be done about Gay Men who want Ebola and seek it out!

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Very funny. :)

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That story was old news. Same story went around when it was all about barebacking and scandal about the same nonsense.

Now, it was poorly reported (I mean, 6 pages and only two subjects?), but in the end it is just sensationalism. I wouldn't take it too seriously.

Of course, if you ever saw my license plate...