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First it was him
And then it was me
And now its you
It spread like a disease
and now it effects us all

We all were looking for a way out
Or maybe we were jealous of the attention he got
He was the weirdest of us all
His pain was noticed and we still blended in with the rest

Then we each had cuts to match
A cut for each ounce of self-hatred
A cut to numb
A cut to show the world what we experienced

Longsleeve shirts, saftey pins, depression
Black clothes, dyed hair
We all evolved together
We went from inocence to to being suicidal in a year

We went through it together yet alone
Our friendship like a desparate cult
Each of us depending on eachother
Yet each other's pains adding to our misery

And some of us got better
Some of us could just stop
But most of us still have to fight everyday not to give into the temptation of a sharp blade

And the disease keeps on infecting
The more we talk to others about it
The more it makes them want to do it
Just as we did in response to eachother