Double Standard?

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I was just wondering about why it's not ok if you have more than one person you're dating, if they are the same sex, then if they are different sex, it's ok...Like my friend Stacy is going out with a girl Robyn, and a guy, James, and she says it's ok. Then my ex-girlfriend Misty was dating a guy when she was with me, and I told her I didn't like it, because I believe in only dating one person at a time, same sex or not. That's why me and her broke up. Any comments on this subject?

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lovin large

or if you're into polyamoury, you can all love one another at once...supposedly a big happy threesome...although that sounds like a recipe for disaster to me...

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who needs dateing? I say we skip it altogether and just shag!

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Yay Lyrics Quoting!

To quote Savage Garden...

"Trust is more important than monogamy."

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There is a differances in dating and being in a relationship, sweetie. Dating means meeting people sporadically from one to another. To be able to choose the right one. Im sorry to hear that you are sad, but you'll find the one soon enough. I know its non- reassuring to hear that "THERE ARE PLENTY OF FISHES IN THE SEA" becuase it sounds so desolate you know? But the right one is out there, have have faith, honey. Take care and smile!!