Easy like Sunday Morning.

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Well today at work, has prooved an interesting and frustrateing day. A co-worker thought it would funny to mess with my systems. needless to say, she did just this... My whole work station is fried, nothing works, i now have to sit at one of the "spares" bland and plain staions. I am mad. She thinks its funny.

I said when I sat down at the "Spare" I need an Ativan. the girl next to me opened up a pill bottle and handed me one. Last tiome I said this a completely differnt person did the same for me too! Its kinda scarey the avilibility of precription narcotics IN my workplace... Ativan is a good thing tho...


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Goddess, that is scary...

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Yeesh, that is def scary. Careful bubba

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Bubba has to be one of the coolest words I know! That, and poppycock, which was used as profanity in England (?) a while back.

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Oh yeah

Poppycock is the greatest word ever. It has to be used sparingly tho, otherwise it loses it's greatness.

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You prove an excellent point. I will remember that.

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Script drugs

are everywhere. Me love you!